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Public announcement of transparency

Luxembourg (OTS) - The People’s SCE wants to publish the following transparency and governance measures:

Information about the cryptocurrency eCredits (ECS) can be found on Nomics.

We’re currently working on having eCredits (ECS) listed on other well-known platforms such as CoinMarketCap and also work on exchange listings on well-regulated exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies that are not using the term “eCredits” or the ticker “ECS” are unrelated to us. We reserve the right to file claims should we suspect any copyright infringements.

Being a decentralized ecosystem, eCredits provides the opportunity to launch services by third-party projects on its blockchain. The eCredits Blockchain may be thought of just like the Ethereum blockchain - open to anyone who wants to build services or smart contracts on the blockchain. The smart contracts/applications are being managed by the respective third-party providers themselves. Neither we nor anyone else could stop another person from operating a smart contract on the eCredits Blockchain.

More information on eCredits is available in its whitepaper, to be found at: https://github.com/eCredits/whitepaper

A detailed list of countries where eCredits is available can be found at: https://ecredits.com/en/countries/

While we are proud of the extensive team working directly in The People’s SCE, we are no less proud of our strong partners, among them the Swiss Venture Builder Cryptix AG and countless others in Luxembourg, Estonia, Switzerland and Slovenia.

The People’s SCE is the current main developer of the eCredits Ecosystem. We operate websites and apps based on the eCredits Blockchain and we pride ourselves in the decentrally governed organization that we are. The People’s SCE aims for the highest transparency to members and public alike. Having just launched our product, we are currently in the process of publishing these transparency and governance mechanisms, the first iteration of which is going to launch in the coming months. In this context, it is important to note the inherent transparency that a blockchain provides in regards to flow of funds. If you are uncertain about where funds go or what a smart contract does, you can easily find out about that at explorer.ecredits.com.

Rückfragen & Kontakt:

Contact: Nikita Samylin, office@ecredits.com