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The People’s Film Festival (TPFF) chose Austrian produced film Exodus to Shanghai in official line-up on June 3 2016

Wien (OTS) - Exodus to Shanghai produced by an Austrian Company FashionTV has been chosen as part of the Official Selection at The People’s Film Festival to be shown June 3 2016 at 2:30PM at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem New York. The festival is an especially important significance for Exodus to Shanghai as it was chosen by the people for the Media, showcasing the importance of the film to the public.

See the official trailer of The People’s Film Festival line-up starring Exodus to Shanghai https://youtu.be/uMOWXU5nyLE

An Action/Adventure film of Dr. Ho the Chinese Consul in Vienna in 1938 who issued Exit Visas to many Jews against the instruction of his superiors. Together with Fannia and Bruce they must leave Vienna as the Gestapo is chasing them to get the Jews and Hitler's painting. They learn to fight against the Nazis.
See trailer on MichelAdam.tv

FashionTV: TV and New Media of fashion/lifestyle related content broadcasting the latest news & information. A global 24/7 TV network focused exclusively on fashion, beauty, trends, celebrities & style.

FashionTV+ is the new VOD channel of FashionTV available for distributors with 20K+ hours content in HD, 4K and 360VR featuring fashion films, catwalks, red carpets, and fashion documentaries updated daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally. For more information visit ftv.com

FashionTV Films is a new division of the brand having produced Exodus to Shanghai as its first feature film.

For more information on Exodus to Shanghai visit MichelAdam.tv or contact Victoria@ftv.com

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