MEP Angelika Werthmann about 2013 progress report on Turkey

Cyprus is a member state of the EU - UN-resolutions need to be respected

Strasbourg (OTS) - MEP Angelika Werthmann is concerned on the most recent developments going on in Turkey.

What is of deeper concern, is the obvious negligence of awareness concerning the situation on the island of Cyprus. Turkey is a candidate country. As such it tries to impose its own perceptions and rules. Today the 2013 progress report on Turkey was voted in plenary. Once more MEP Werthmann takes the chance to highlight the importance of the Cyprus problem and its interdependence to European politics. It is of importance for the European Union to recognize unanimously UN Security Council resolutions, especially resolution 1251 which stresses the importance of an eventual demilitarisation as an objective in the context of an overall comprehensive settlement on the island.

Furthermore MEP Werthmann is concerned about the settlement policy of Turkey bringing in Turkish citizens onto the island. This contradicts the Geneva Convention and changes the democratic balance on the island. It is incomprehensible that the issue of the exclusive economic zone (UNCLOS) is put on the table to discuss as well as it is incomprehensible to not immediately demand the transfer of the sealed-off area of Famagusta to the UN in accordance with UNSC Resolution 550 (1984).

"In my view it would be of highest importance for Turkey to fully implement amongst others the 1951 Geneva Convention and its 1967 protocol. It is a must to respect European values as well as European and international laws and legislation if one wants to be a serious partner in European / international politics," concludes MEP Werthmann.

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