EANS-Adhoc: AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG / Good trend in financial results continues in first nine months

-) Increase in operating margin to 6.5% (Q1-Q3 2009|10: 5.1%) -

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-) Revenue growth of 5.8% to EUR 1,624.4 million (Q1-Q3 2009|10: EUR 1,535.8 million) -) Operating profit improvement of 32.8% to EUR 104.8 million (Q1-Q3 2009|10: EUR 78.9 million) While raw material costs rose in the third quarter as anticipated, increases in selling prices partly made up for this, thus keeping the strain on margins milder than expected, especially in the Sugar and Starch segments. -) Improvement of 12.5% in profit for the period to EUR 65.0 million (Q1-Q3 2009|10: EUR 57.8 million) -) Gearing of 41.4% (28 February 2010: 41.6%) -) For the 2010|11 financial year, revenue is projected to grow to more than

EUR 2 billion. The good third quarter now leads AGRANA to expect a significant increase in full-year operating profit before exceptional items.

Results at a glance (IFRS):

In EUR Q3 10|11 Q3 09|10 Q1-Q3 10|11 Q1-Q3 10|11 (except margin and staff count) Revenue 551.0 m 501.6 m 1,624.4 m 1,535.8 m Operating profit before 40.0 m 35.0 m 104.8 m 78.9 m exceptional items Operating margin 7.3% 7.0% 6.5% 5.1% Profit before tax 35.8 m 27.6 m 84.5 m 74.0 m Profit for the period 27.7 m 23.0 m 65.0 m 57.8 m Earnings per share 1.85 1.58 4.43 4.04 Purchases of property, plant 8.8 m 9.2 m 28.0 m 25.5 m and equipment and intangibles (other than goodwill) Staff count 8,558 8,117

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