EANS-Adhoc: CA Immo International AG / Final result for the voluntary takeover bid for the free float shares of CA Immo International AG

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  • CA Immobilien Anlagen AG holds 97.14 % of CA Immo International
  • Merger of both companies on the basis of an exchange ratio of 10 CA Immobilien Anlagen AG shares for 19 CA Immo International AG shares planned

Vienna, 17.08.2010. On April 20th 2010 CA Immobilien Anlagen AG ("Bidder") published a voluntary public takeover bid according to Section 4 of the Austrian Takeover Code to the free float shareholders of CA Immo International AG ("Target Company"). The offer price was EUR 6.50 per share.
The extended acceptance period ended on August 16, 2010. During the extended acceptance period the offer was accepted for a total of 2,611,749 CA Immo International AG shares. A further 81,624 shares were purchased via the stock exchange during the extended acceptance period. In total the Bidder now holds 42,217,340 shares of CA Immo International AG, this is equivalent to 97.14 % of the issued share capital of CA Immo International AG.
The executive board of the two companies will propose to the supervisory boards of the two companies to merge CA Immo International AG as the transferor company with CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft as the acquiring company with retroactive effect back to 31.12.2009 ("effective merger date"). The proposed merger should take place on the basis of an exchange ratio, which is calculated based on the NAVs as of 30 June 2010, of 10 CA Immobilien Anlagen AG shares for 19 CA Immo International shares. The publication of all relevant merger documents, especially the joint report on the merger by the executive boards as well as the report by the joint merger-auditor, is planned for 26 August 2010.

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