Presidency Statement on Iran’s resumption of suspended nuclear activities.

Wien (OTS) - The EU has expressed on 7 January its serious concern over Iran's intention to resume suspended nuclear activities, a move which would disregard repeated IAEA resolutions and could jeopardise the possibility of a return to negotiations.

Despite the calls from the international community, Iran has taken today the serious and regrettable steps to remove the seals at different nuclear plants in Iran, including at its enrichment site in Natanz. In its latest conclusions in December, the European Council agreed on the need to keep the EU's diplomatic options on the Iranian nuclear issue under close review and to continue to calibrate the EU's approach in light of Iranian declarations and actions. The EU will, in light of a report by the IAEA Director General, assess the situation in detail.

The action of the Government of Iran, at the moment where a possibility of a return to negotiations was explored, is in fact continuously eroding international confidence in the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme and of serious concern to the entire international community.

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