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The company generated the following result in the first 9 months:

2003 (9 months) 2002 (9 months) Change Consolidated turnover KEUR 16,200 KEUR 18,266 -11.3% Consolidated result KEUR 730 KEUR 822 -11.2% EBIT KEUR 1,132 KEUR 1,623 -30.3% EBIT margin 7.0% 8.9% EPS (diluted) EUR 0.07 EUR 0.08 Cash and cash equivalents KEUR 5,627 KEUR 4,768 +18.0% Capital ratio 72% 68%

LPKF’s current orders in hand total EUR 3.16 million (EUR 5.48 million).

Notes on the quarterly results
The positive 9-month performance is also attributable to the sale of MicroLine Lasers in North America and Germany. In addition, the cost-cutting measures launched at the beginning of the financial year made a contribution to the very satisfactory results in the third quarter. The Q3 result of KEUR 829 (KEUR -231) highlights LPKF’s potential for producing excellent returns on sales against the background of increasing turnover and stable fixed costs.
However, the 11.3% decline in turnover to KEUR 16,200 (KEUR 18,266) compared to the same period last year indicates that investment in the global electronics market is still depressed. The Laser Systems segment is the most strongly affected by this trend although it still managed to generate a turnover of KEUR 9,068 (KEUR 9,986). Despite a slight improvement in business, the Rapid PCB Prototyping segment was still not able to match last year’s figures and generated a turnover of KEUR 6,047 (KEUR 6,638).
The sale of the stencils production in Germany resulted in a turnover of KEUR 804 (KEUR 1,388) in the Services segment.
A general upswing in orders received and the number of product inquiries was first clearly felt at the end of the third quarter. However, it is still too early to tell if this represents a fundamental new trend.
LPKF’s figures were also depressed in the third quarter by the weakness of the dollar.

Outlook for 2003
The last months of each year always had an important influence on the year’s result. Therefore LPKF is not predicting a major reduction in turnover compared to the previous year’s level. Measures have been introduced throughout the Group to reduce fixed costs. These have already taken hold and will continue to show considerable effect during the further course of the second half.
A highlight for LPKF was the Productronica, one of the most important international electronics fairs in Munich. A good follow-up business with positive effects on the 2004 sales figures is expected.

Events after 30 September 2003
Following the licence agreements with Degussa AG, Bayer AG and Ticona GmbH, LPKF has now signed a cooperation agreement with the Harting Technology Group during the Productronica which will be followed by the installation of a 3D-MID laser system. LPKF’s strategy behind this agreement is to qualify the LPKF-LDS process especially for micro-packaging and to consequently continue the 3D-MID marketing strategy.

Further inquiry note:
Ulrike Thoms-von Meding
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Tel: +49(0)5131 7095 382
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