Paradigm shift in Austria's startup scene: Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna focuses on Organic Venture Building and European values

Serial entrepreneurs Josef Katzgraber and Paul Pöltner launch, together with investor Günter Kerbler, the first startup hub for Organic Venture Building at HoHo Vienna, Seestadt Aspern.

Vienna (OTS) - How can the innovation potential of Austrian tech companies be unleashed? Which financing models enable organic company growth? And how do founders develop a sustainable corporate culture as well as their own professional skills?

The answers are now being provided by the team at the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna. International experts from the disciplines of venture building, finance and marketing are building tech companies from the ground up: human-centered, resilient and focused on long-term growth. The focus lies on building ecosystems in the areas of blockchain, fintech, cyber security and e-commerce, which are developed with European partner networks.

Organic Venture Building - the in-house designed company building framework

At the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna, a unique concept for the foundation and financing of companies is applied. From prototyping to a one-year mentoring program with international professionals, the in-house developed framework Organic Venture Building developed by Paul Pöltner, co-founder of Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna, is designed with one goal in mind: To enable the synchronization of the people and the company.

"We support founders in finding the right financing fit and point out alternative options. Access to our ecosystem enables tech companies to develop sustainably. Investors get a head start in knowledge to exclusively invest in future technologies", clarifies Josef Katzgraber co-founder and investor of Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna.

Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna focuses on strategic investments

The founders of the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna act as strategic investors and focus on pre-selected business areas. In the next step, they screen for matching business models and startups and guide them with the Guiding Innovators Hub expert team over a period of twelve months.

Four elements are crucial for building enterprises at the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna:

  • Organic growth: Sustainable growth through internal structures
  • Long-term corporate development
  • Focus on innovation: Business models that make society better
  • Empowering: Founders must be willing to grow and must also be given the space to do so

Strong teams and disruptive business models

The concept of the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna at Hoho Vienna is designed to provide space for the development of in-house ventures as well as to enable collaboration between entrepreneurs and established companies.

The co-founders Josef Katzgraber, an expert in fintech and blockchain investments, and Paul Pöltner, specializing in organic venture building, have already moved into the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna at HoHo with their international expert team.

Günter Kerbler, visionary and investor, supports the project: "The HoHo Vienna provides the Guiding Innovators Hub with the perfect environment of a creative and healthy working environment. Both concepts correlate, stand for sustainability and gradual, yet constant success", says Günter Kerbler.

Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna Ventures - Batch 2021

  • deeplynx: deeplynx is a 'Smart E-Commerce Gateway' that offers the about 9 million SME's in the European Union an easy and efficient market entry into Southeast Asia via the leading e-commerce platforms ( The Founder is Hans-Peter Ressel, formerly co-founder Lazada.
  • Simply Tokenized: Blockchain-based alternative financing and tokenization platform for European SMEs that is legally compliant and easy to manage.
  • FinFortus:IT platform that will offer bank customers access to digital assets across Europe.

About Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna AG

Guiding Innovators Hub AG was founded in 2020 with the goal of unleashing innovation potential. We are convinced that organic growth is the key to economic success for companies. Together with excellent entrepreneurs, we build resilient companies for a digital future. The Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna aims to establish itself as a European platform for organic venture building and develop ecosystems in the areas of fintech, blockchain, cyber security and e-commerce together with its European partner network.

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