EANS-News: Annual general meeting of Marseille-Kliniken AG resolves moderate dividend

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Subtitle: - Payout of a dividend of EUR 0.11 per share resolved
- Dividend payout ratio of 24 % does not negatively affect the Groups further recovery
- Conversion to registered shares increases transparency

Annual & Special Corporate Meetings/Annual & Special Corporate Meetings/Dividend payout approved

Hamburg (euro adhoc) - 03 December 2012 - The annual general meeting of Marseille-Kliniken AG held today at it's headquarter in Hamburg approved an application which was introduced by major shareholder Ulrich Marseille about the payout of a dividend of EUR 0.11 per share. All remaining applications introduced by the company's administration were approved with high majority rates. The attending shareholders represented approx. 68 percent of the share capital.

By the decision for the payout of a dividend with a ratio of 24 percent of the net income, the shareholders on the one hand participate in the near term from the company's positive development in the last business year 2011/2012. On the other hand the disposition of most of the profit within the group raises the potential for further improving the financial strength. The group managed to more than double its earnings in the last business year as well as in the first quarter of the new business year 2012/2013. This makes the simultaneous payout of the dividend and the improvement of the financial power possible.

Upon administration's application moreover a separate formal approval of the directors who had been in place during last business year 2011/2012 took place. The majority of the participating shareholders decided not to relieve former directors Dr. Thomas Klaue and Stefan Herzberg. In contrast current chairman Michael Thanheiser such as former CEO Ulrich Marseille were granted relief from the shareholders.

Moreover resolved was a conversion from bearer to registered shares. This resolution reflects the strategic reorientation and the internal reorganisation which have been carried out by the company since business year 2010/2011. The conversion to registered shares improves the possibilities for communication with shareholders and thus strengthens transparency.

Michael Thanheiser, chairman of Marseille-Kliniken AG, comments the AGM's resolutions as follows: "Our shareholders have built the basis for a more efficient communication with the company by their decision for the conversion to registered shares. We can of course also understand the shareholders' desire for a payout of a dividend, although we had originally planned to carry forward the entire profit to new account. Now we return to a shareholder friendly dividend policy a little earlier, which is however realizable for us due to the earnings and cash flow development. I therefore consider this resolution of the AGM as a good decision." Dieter Wopen, who is newly appointed as chairman since 15 November 2012, supplements: "The opportunity of introducing me to the shareholders at the AGM was a good start for my future activity for Marseille-Kliniken AG. I am looking forward for a successful co-operation with Michael Thanheiser and the complete management team."

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