EANS-Adhoc: shaPE Capital AG / Year-end results 2011

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- Net asset value per share CHF 177.45, +9.8% year-on-year on dividend adjusted basis.

- Further progress with realization strategy: in 2011 CHF 33 million returned to shareholders through cash distributions and share buybacks.

- Cancellation of repurchased treasury shares and new share buyback program to be approved at 2012 annual general meeting.

2011 marked the second full year for shaPE under the realization regime. Throughout the year several milestones were reached, including a return of CHF 33 million to shareholders through share buybacks and a cash distribution paid out of the company´s general legal reserves from capital contributions. Accounting for the CHF 25 cash dividend per share paid out in May 2011 the NAV per share increased by 9.8% over the year.

In line with the continuation of the realization strategy the board of directors proposes the cancellation of the repurchased treasury shares as well as the adoption of a new share buyback program with a maximum buyback limit of 20% of share capital at the annual general meeting on 10 May 2012. According to the capital contribution principle effective as of 1 January 2011 share buybacks are generally exempt from Swiss withholding tax as long as reserves for treasury shares are built at the expense of the legal reserves from capital contributions. As shaPE has started in April 2011 to build the respective reserves no withholding tax is deducted anymore on sales of shares over the second trading line, thereby facilitating sales over the second trading line for private individuals.

The full annual report 2011 is available on www.shape-capital.com.

end of ad-hoc-announcement ================================================================================ shaPE is a SIX Swiss Exchange-listed investment company with exposure to a global private equity portfolio built over the past years. In 2009 shaPE decided to initiate a realization strategy with the ultimate goal to return the intrinsic value of the current portfolio to its shareholders. Under this realization strategy shaPE does not make any new commitments to private equity funds, but focuses on harvesting the value of the current portfolio over the coming years. shaPE is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the ticker symbol “SHPN”.

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