Novasep Acquisition by its Management and by Gilde, Banexi, BNP Paribas has Been Signed on January 9th, 2007

Pompey, France (ots/PRNewswire) - Groupe Novasep has been acquired for an enterprise value of EUR 425 million by its management and by a financial investor group composed of Gilde Buy Out, Banexi Capital Partenaires, BNP Paribas. The acquisition has been signed on November 29th, 2006 and completed on January 9th 2007.

Groupe Novasep will continue to operate through two complementary divisions contributing to approximately EUR 280 million of sales. Novasep Synthesis offers custom synthesis services utilising niche technologies to produce elaborate molecules for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as producing and marketing proprietary products, typically generics. Novasep Process is a recognised leader in the field of chromatography, with particular strength in continuous processes. It provides turn-key physical purification solutions to industrial biotech, pharmaceutical and the growing bio-pharma industries. Headquartered in Pompey (France), Novasep operates mainly in Europe, with subsidiaries in the United States, China and Japan and 1300 employees working in nine sites.

About Groupe Novasep

Groupe Novasep, with its headquarters near Nancy (in eastern France), works with the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals industries through its two business segments - Novasep Process and Novasep Synthesis. Both strategic businesses are complementary organisations with skills designed to provide technically optimised and economical solutions for the life-science sector and related industries.

Novasep Process specialises in solving purification challenges for the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Industrial Biotech markets. The company offers laboratory purification equipment as well as large-scale industrial production plants for producing pure products, and a full range of services including process development, multi-ton scale custom purification and performance optimisation.

To serve its different markets, Novasep Process offers innovative and reliable solutions based on Novasep Process proprietary technologies : Novasep chromatography (high and low pressure) and crystallisation, Applexion(r) ion exchange and evaporation, Orelis(r) membrane processes.

Novasep Synthesis provides R&D and custom synthesis, from lab to industrial scale, with special expertise in hazardous chemistry , chiral chemistry, early stage services and highly potent APIs. It includes Dynamit Nobel, Finorga and Séripharm.

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