Eurofighter Training Aids take big Step ahead

Hallbergmoos (OTS) - The Eurofighter ASTA team on Friday completed the Acceptance Testing of the latest software for the Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids (ASTA) with software load 1.0 standard in Manching. This new software will significantly increase the training capabilities of the Eurofighter Typhoon partner air forces especially in the field of mission simulation.

The new functionalities include Networking Capability meaning that two training devices (Cockpit Trainers or Full Mission dome simulators) can perform the same training mission interactively. With full Air to Air Radar functionality and full weapon indication, performance and failure simulation for the Armament Control System with AIM-9L, ASRAAM and AMRAAM new performance steps can be taken in training pilots. The pilots see the fired missiles and experience the aircraft's reaction after launch.

With Computer Generated Forces (CGF) functionality now introduced other aircraft such as wing man, tankers or hostile aircraft can be introduced into the training scenario. The operator can support the training session with various role play options from the Instructor Station.

Multiple active malfunctions can be reproduced as the training aid uses the aircraft's software that has been re-hosted onto the simulator system.

Dr. Matthias Hammer, ASTA Joint Team Leader, heralded the delivery: "This is a key achievement in the ASTA programme and highlights a success based on the concerted effort from all involved companies and their staff."


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