Klöckner & Co launches investor roadshow

Frankfurt (OTS) -

  • Capital increase with net proceeds of around EUR 100 million for further improvement of capital structure and generating additional headroom for growth
  • Around 50 per cent free float after IPO
  • First day of trading before summer break

Klöckner & Co AG management will present the company during a roadshow to national and international investors, which will start on June 14. Investors can subscribe shares during the offer period, which is expected to commence no earlier than June 22. The price range is expected be fixed based on investor feedback one day prior to the start of the offer period using the so-called "decoupled process" and be published as soon as it is set. Klöckner & Co shares could then commence trading on the official market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as early as June 28, under German Securities Identification Code KC0100 and International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) DE000KC01000.

"The IPO marks a milestone in the company's hundred-year history. Access to the capital market will open new prospects for our growth," said CEO Dr. Thomas Ludwig. The company intends to use the proceeds from the IPO to improve its capital structure in order to generate additional headroom for growth. The additional sale of shares by private equity investor Lindsay Goldberg & Bessemer (LGB) should broaden the shareholder structure at the same time.
A yet to be determined maximum number of shares (to be published in a supplement to the Offering Circular) will be offered in a public offering in Germany and in an international private placement to institutional investors. Overall, the company is aiming for a free float of around 50 per cent in order to secure sufficient liquidity.

In addition to the new shares from a capital increase, the offered shares (including a greenshoe of up to 15 per cent) will be provided by the selling shareholder Multi Metal Investment S.à r.l., a company controlled by the private equity investor Lindsay Goldberg & Bessemer. The company intends to use the net IPO proceeds of around EUR 100 million to further improve its capital structure, in particular to reduce debt to generate additional headroom for further growth. Private equity investor Lindsay Goldberg & Bessemer will retain around 50 per cent in the company after the IPO. The selling shareholder and the management have agreed on a twelve month lock-up period following closing, during which they will not dispose of any of their shares. The company has agreed not to effect any capital measures during the same period of time.

"Klöckner & Co is ideally positioned for an IPO. With an exceptionally good market position as the largest producer-independent steel and metal distributor in the combined European and North American markets combined, Klöckner & Co will be a driving force in the upcoming consolidation of the industry" Dr. Ludwig stated.

Klöckner & Co's sales under IFRS were up 9.6 per cent to EUR 1,322.9 million in the first quarter of 2006, compared with the same quarter of the previous year. The adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (adjusted EBITDA) improved by 47.7 per cent to EUR 79.3 million in the first quarter of 2006, compared with the first quarter of 2005. Dr. Thomas Ludwig stated that, "the results in the first quarter of 2006 clearly demonstrate the improved profitability of Klöckner & Co."

For the financial year 2005, the Klöckner & Co group reported sales of EUR 4,963 million under IFRS. The net income amounted to EUR 132.3 million. UBS Investment Bank has been appointed as Sole Global Coordinator and will manage the IPO together with Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan as Joint Lead Managers and Joint Bookrunners.

In Germany, a securities prospectus (Wertpapierprospekt) relating to the public offering is available at www.kloeckner.de. A printed version may be obtained from the company and the Joint Bookrunners. About Klöckner & Co Klöckner & Co is the largest producer-independent steel and metal distributor in the European and North American market combined. The core business is the warehouse distribution of steel and non-ferrous metals. Around 200,000 active customers are served from around 240 distribution and service centres in 14 countries across Europe and North America. Klöckner & Co was founded by Peter Klöckner a century ago. In the financial year 2005, the company reported sales of around ¤5 billion, with a staff of around 10,000.

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