International Workshop on Science-Based Drug Reimbursement Policy in Vienna

Wien (OTS) - This workshop is being held on Thursday and Friday,
15 and 16 of September 2005 in Vienna. It is a discussion platform for health care decision-makers and reimbursement authorities in Europe.

The topics being discussed are:

1) Creating an electronic platform for cooperation among agencies responsible for reimbursement of pharmaceuticals

2) Efficient and affordable supply of orphan drugs for patients with rare diseases

3) Identifying new drugs with real additional patient benefit and distinguishing them from "me-too"-products with no added therapeutic value

4) Implementing strategies which ensure that reimbursers only pay for drugs if they really benefit patients.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs of the Hauptverband der Österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger (Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions) cooperates with health authorities responsible for pricing and reimbursement of medicines (Ministries of Health and Social Health Insurance Institutions -so-called "Third Party Payers"), academic institutions (Medical University of Vienna, Vienna School of Clinical Research) and the World Health organisation (WHO/EURO).

The objective of this workshop is to exchange information and to explore cooperation among European health care decision-makers and social reimbursement organizations. They will discuss current issues related to pharmaceutical policy, resource allocation and scientific assessment of products.

More than 70 persons from 23 countries are attending the meeting. They are representatives of national institutions which are responsible for reimbursement of medicines within EU member and EU candidate states as well as Norway, Switzerland and Iceland.

Rückfragen & Kontakt:

Hauptverband der österr. Sozialversicherungsträger
Dr. Wilhelm Donner
Tel.: 711 32/1124