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EANS-News: Strabag SE increases output volume and earnings after six months 2019

Earnings Forecast/Mid Year Results/Mid Year Financial Report/Strategic Management Decisions

30.08.2019 07:30

EANS-Adhoc: AT&S initiates next growth

Investment volume of just under one billion Euro planned for the next five years / Construction of a new plant in Chongqing and expansion of the location in Leoben

EANS-News: C-QUADRAT Investment AG acquires majority stake in French investment manager

Mergers - Acquisitions - Takeovers/Strategic Management Decisions

29.05.2018 08:41

EANS-Adhoc: C-QUADRAT streamlines corporate group structure

Strategic Management Decisions 19.04.2018

19.04.2018 11:34
14.12.2017 07:55

EANS-News: Lenzing AG / Lenzing launches TENCEL™ Luxe

Strategic Management Decisions/Company Information

09.10.2017 12:23
12.09.2017 04:55
08.09.2017 17:51

EANS-News: Lenzing AG / Lenzing Invests in Thailand

Strategic Management Decisions/Company Information

29.06.2017 08:25

EANS-Adhoc: FACC AG / FACC postpones the publication of the annual financial statements 2016/17

In course of an enforcement procedure conducted by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) regarding the annual financial statements 2015/16 as well as the interim financial statements 2015/16 and the …

11.05.2017 08:49

EANS-Adhoc: PI Power International Limited (in liquidation): Board Announces the Sale of Stratius Investments Limited

Jersey/Vienna, April 13, 2017 - After completing the auction process previously announced, PI Power International Limited (in liquidation) (the Company) has sold its entire interest in Stratius Investments …

13.04.2017 15:24