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EANS-Adhoc: AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG / EBIT in Q3 2020|21 significantly up on prior year

Guidance for full-year EBIT confirmed to be at least prior-year level

16.12.2020 10:44

EANS-News: AGRANA: Weekly rapid coronavirus tests for employees prove their worth

AGRANA Executive Board Member Harringer: “As a food manufacturer and part of the critical infrastructure, we embrace our responsibility by implementing comprehensive coronavirus protection measures.”

09.12.2020 10:54

EANS-News: Climate-friendly transport: AGRANA cuts 50,000 truck journeys by focusing on rail transport in its sugar beet campaign - IMAGE

1.25 million tons of beets are delivered by rail to sugar production sites in Leopoldsdorf and Tulln

07.12.2020 11:49

EANS-News: AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG: Supervisory Board gives green light for sugar refinery in Leopoldsdorf to continue operations in 2021 - IMAGE

38,200 hectares of beet-growing area for 2021 make it possible to continue efficiently processing sugar beet at two sites in Austria

27.11.2020 15:33

EANS-News: AGRANA launches production of crystalline betaine at € 40 million plant in Tulln - IMAGE

World’s third production facility for crystalline betaine set up under a joint venture between AGRANA and The Amalgamated Sugar Company (USA)

05.10.2020 10:45

EANS-News: EBIT in Q1 2020|21 up slightly on prior year

Unchanged outlook BEFORE COVID-19 for the full 2020|21 financial year

18.06.2020 10:56

EANS-News: AGRANA: significant EBIT growth in 2019|20 financial year

COVID-19: No reliable forecast of revenue and EBIT for 2020|21 financial year is possible to date

07.05.2020 07:30
16.04.2020 11:06
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