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15.05.2019 17:37

EANS-Other capital market information: OMV Aktiengesellschaft / Acquisition and/or sale of treasury shares according to art. 119 para. 9 Stock Exchange Act

OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Vienna ISIN-Code AT0000743059 Publication of a resolution of the Annual General Meeting pursuant to Section 119 Para 9 Austrian …

14.05.2019 19:29

EANS-News: AGRANA: significant EBIT decrease in 2018|19 financial year

Outlook: Significant EBIT growth expected in 2019|20

13.05.2019 07:30
08.05.2019 07:29

EANS-News: ams AG / Convocation of Annual General Meeting

Annual & Special Corporate Meetings

07.05.2019 08:54

EANS-News: Strabag SE confirms record earnings 2018

Financial Figures/Balance Sheet

29.04.2019 07:30

Petrus Advisers continue to defend the interests of minority shareholders

Petrus Advisers propose the real estate experts Karl Bier and Dr Martin Hagleitner as candidates for the elections to the Supervisory Board of CA Immobilien Anlagen AG (“CAI”) at the upcoming Annual …

26.04.2019 11:28
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