European Crop Protection Association

Europas Pflanzenschutzmittelindustrie setzt sich Ziele bis 2030

Hersteller von Pestiziden und Biopestiziden setzen sich klare Ziele zur Unterstützung des europäischen Grünen Deals der EU.

07.09.2020 10:01

Why Europe Needs more Productive Agriculture

New academic study shows that productive agriculture brings significant benefits for food security, resource efficiency, economic stability, improved biodiversity, climate-change mitigation

04.11.2013 15:18

Crop Protection R&D Declining in Europe, New Study Shows

- Europe needs to unlock its innovation potential, reversing this trend and empowering European farmers

02.10.2013 12:03

Use Pesticides Safely and Sustainably

- Solutions for Smallholder Famers and Amateur Users on How to Protect Their Gardens and Small Food Productions

11.06.2013 11:33

Keeping Pesticides Out of Water

Crop Protection industry rolls-out new scheme for water and biodiversity protection

22.05.2013 10:33

ECPA Welcomes EFSA's Scientific Input but sees it as Late and Fears ED Rules will Crush Innovation in Farm Inputs

Today the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) Scientific Committee published its opinion on identifying endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDs).

20.03.2013 15:10

European Crop Protection: Failure to Reach Consensus on Important Pesticides in EU Committee Vote

ECPA recommends proportionate, evidence-based approach, as Standing Committee delivers 'no opinion' on neonicotinoids

15.03.2013 17:23

EFSA Report Concludes Higher Pesticide Residue Compliance Rate

Sustainable farming practices are key for food safety

12.03.2013 19:38

Report Confirms Essential Value of Neonicotinoid Pesticides for Europe

A Humboldt Forum for Food and Agriculture report highlights that if neonicotinoid seed treatments were no longer available, impact on the EU economy could be as great as EUR4.5 billion with a loss of at …

15.01.2013 07:03

Innovation Critical in Fight to Save Food

Study finds innovation key driver of European agricultural productivity, competitiveness

20.09.2012 11:35

Ernährungssicherung hat höchste Priorität für wissenschaftlichen Chefberater der EU

Die am Food Supply Forum der ECPA teilnehmenden Experten stimmen darin überein, dass Loesungskonzepte zur Umstellung von Lebensmittelherstellung und landwirtschaftlichen Methoden auf wissenschaftlichen …

01.12.2009 15:28