Resverlogix Corp.

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Successful CANTOS Inflammation Trial Supports Rationale for Resverlogix' Ongoing BETonMACE Trial

Resverlogix Corp. ("Resverlogix" or the "Company") (TSX:RVX) is pleased to announce that key findings from the recently completed CANTOS trial, which demonstrate that targeting residual inflammatory risk …

29.08.2017 20:04

Resverlogix Receives Approval Pathway from the FDA as to the Inclusion of USA Patients in the Phase 3 BETonMACE Trial

"BETonMACE Phase 3 Trial with apabetalone to expand to include the United States"

25.07.2017 15:04

Resverlogix Randomizes First Patient in Taiwan

China Portion of the Phase 3 BETonMACE Clinical Trial

10.07.2017 13:02

Resverlogix to Host Epigenetics Focused Symposium at The ERA-EDTA Congress in Madrid, Spain

The symposium titled: "Managing CKD, Diabetes & CVD: Is epigenetics a new way forward?" at the ERA-EDTA Congress highlights BET-inhibition and apabetalone in addressing the significant unmet medical need in …

31.05.2017 13:02

Resverlogix Receives Approval From Health Canada to Proceed With Fabry Disease Clinical Trial With Lead Compound Apabetalone

Apabetalone expands in to first orphan disease clinical trial in patients with Fabry disease

30.05.2017 13:02

Recent Publication and Patent Application Referencing Apabetalone Support its Continued Development and Success

Nature Reviews Nephrology and Pfizer Inc. discuss BET bromodomain inhibition and apabetalone as viable drug candidates

23.05.2017 13:02

Resverlogix Receives Approval From the FDA Cardiovascular and Renal Division to Proceed With a Requested Apabetalone Clinical Trial

Apabetalone expands to a second major clinical indication in kidney dialysis patients

15.05.2017 16:32

Resverlogix Provides Groundbreaking Results in Patients with Severe Kidney Impairments

Several Key Proteins That Drive Kidney (Renal) Disease and Dialysis Risk are Downregulated After a Single Dose of Apabetalone

23.01.2017 13:02

Resverlogix Hosts Symposium to Discuss the Role of BET-inhibition in Modifying Cardiovascular Risk at the ESC Congress in Rome, Italy

The presentations at the ESC Congress symposium highlighted apabetalone and the opportunity and need for a novel approach to the treatment of high risk cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

29.08.2016 17:59

Resverlogix Announces Positive Recommendation From Data Safety Monitoring Board for Phase 3 Study of Apabetalone (RVX-208)

A data review by the independent Data Safety Monitoring Board resulted in a verbal recommendation for the BETonMACE trial to continue as planned without any modification.

11.08.2016 13:02

Resverlogix Announces Dosing of First Two Patients in Expanded Renal and Orphan Programs

The commencement of this Phase 1 pharmacokinentic (PK) trial in patients with severe renal impairment is the first in a series of planned clinical trials designed with value creation in mind.

21.07.2016 21:30

Resverlogix Presents New Complement Data and Establishes Renal Clinical Advisory Board at the 53rd Annual European Renal Association - European Dialysis & Transplant Association Congress (ERA-EDTA)

"Apabetalone, a selective bromodomain extra-terminal (BET) protein inhibitor that significantly decreases abundance and activity of complement proteins"

25.05.2016 01:53

Resverlogix Commences Phase 3 Clinical Trial BETonMACE With Apabetalone

Apabetalone will be evaluated in a Phase 3 clinical trial in high-risk coronary artery

26.10.2015 12:03
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