Atmel Corporation

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Atmel Appoints Joerg Strughold as Vice President of European Sales

- Industry executive brings 15 years of leadership and sales experience to the European marketplace

12.10.2009 14:16
07.10.2009 14:38

Atmel Introduces Next-generation, Feature-rich Active AM/FM Antenna ICs

- Device offers highly integrated features, smaller footprint and higher performance

07.10.2009 14:09

Atmel's AVR Microcontrollers Now Integrate RF Transmitter Functionality to Address Industrial Applications

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) today announced the first ATA874x single-chip UHF ASK/FSK RF transmitter family targeting a broad range of proprietary wireless industrial and consumer applications such …

06.10.2009 14:09

Atmel's SAM9G45 Evaluation Kit Expedites Development on 400MHz ARM9-based Embedded MPU

- Fully-featured Platform to Optimize External DDR2 and Flash Memory Organization for Maximum Performance and Cost-effective Data Storage

05.10.2009 19:41

Atmel Receives ZigBee Smart Energy Certification for BitCloud Software Stack

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) today announced that the BitCloud(TM) ZigBee(R) PRO stack has been awarded ZigBee Smart Energy product certification.

30.09.2009 14:10

Atmel Offers megaAVR picoPower With 128 KB of Flash for Ultra-Low-Power Applications

- ATmega1284P reduces design footprint by doubling flash and quadrupling RAM size compared to existing picoPower megaAVR microcontrollers

29.09.2009 14:12

Atmel QTouch Library Enables Customization of Touch Functions Across All AVR Products

- Increased functionality and integration enable designers to embed touch interface technology quickly and efficiently

28.09.2009 19:34

Atmel and Adeneo Embedded Announce Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 Training in Milan for AT91SAM9 ARM9 Embedded MPUs

- October 19 -22, 2009, Milan, Italy; Attendees receive complimentary AT91SAM9263 evaluation kit

21.09.2009 14:15

Atmel Enables Superior Touchscreen Solutions With Introduction of New Family of maXTouch(TM) Products

- Offers single-chip integration, unlimited touch, industry's lowest power, most accurate and fastest response with finger or stylus input

09.09.2009 22:42

Atmel and Cryptography Research Announce License Agreement for Differential Power Analysis Countermeasures Patents

Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) and Cryptography Research, Inc. (CRI) announced today an agreement regarding the use of CRI's patents to enhance the security of Atmel's tamper-resistant chips against …

19.08.2009 14:13

Atmel Introduces New Family of AVR Microcontrollers for Industrial Motor Control

- New family offers CAN and LIN connectivity with advanced pulse width modulation features

17.08.2009 16:35

Atmel Announces SiliconCity(TM) Flexible Architecture for Low-Cost Custom Defined SoC Development

- SiliconCity Flexible Architecture offers the density of cell-based ASICs, with fast and flexible derivative design flow

11.08.2009 14:13

Atmel Standardizes on DDR2 for 400 MHz, High Speed-USB-Enabled ARM9-Based Embedded MPUs

- SAM9G45 ARM9-based Embedded MPU offers 480 Mbps EHCI-compliant HS-USB with on-chip PHy, Ethernet and SDIO for high-speed connectivity, plus LCD and Touch Sensing for intelligent UIs.

27.07.2009 14:08

Atmel Introduces the AT697F Radiation-Hardened SPARC V8 Processor for Space Missions

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced today a new radiation-hardened SPARC(R) processor for space applications, the AT697 Revision F delivering 90 MIPs at 100 MHz over full temperature and voltage …

21.07.2009 14:07
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