China Matters

China Matters documents a video on poverty alleviation of ethnic groups in Yunnan Province

The focus on getting rid of poverty in China's southern Yunnan Province in 2020 has meant making sure everyone in the region is living above the poverty line.

19.01.2021 15:01

The Second Annual Award Ceremony for International Video Contest of My China Story held in Yantai

Nearing the end of 2020, an eventful year for most, China International Publishing Group (CIPG) hosts the My China Story award ceremony for excellent films created by foreigners both abroad and living in …

04.01.2021 15:01

China Matters presents the story of Ms. Pan and her Mountaintop Guesthouse

As Pan Qingqing sips on a traditional Chinese tea, she glances out the window of her mountaintop guesthouse.

21.12.2020 14:51

China Matters Documents Speed and Innovation of China's Express Delivery

In November of each year, China hosts the world's biggest sales bonanza as the country's Singles Day shopping festival sets off a frenzy of online shopping on 11th.

21.12.2020 12:30

China Matters documents traditional and modern cultures of Tianjin

When comes to a Chinese city that resembles Boston, quite a few netizens would name Tianjin, a city blending modern vibe with traditional heritage.

07.12.2020 17:18

China Matters Documents New Tourism in Rural China

Unlike typical household supplies featuring wooden furniture and adobe stove in Chinese villages in the past, Xiaowupu, or "little five villages" in northern China's Tianjin brings in Ikea style to its …

07.12.2020 16:39

China Matters document the Down-to-earth Smart Life in Tianjin

From exercise, mobile payment and to seeing a doctor online, consumers have become overwhelmed by a one-screen-and-one-click lifestyle.

03.12.2020 17:08

China Matters documents the Ecological Turn of China's Infertile Coast

Along China's northeastern coast of Bohai Sea stretched a strip of saline-alkali soil back in 1980s. It could barely afford any arable fields for plants and crops.

02.12.2020 12:01

China Matters and Tianjin Haihe Media Group Released Co-produced Documentary "A Man on a Rescue Mission against COVID-19"

At the age of 72, Zhang Boli, a medical professional from Tianjin, was saving lives at the forefront of the COVID-19 response in Wuhan while being saved by others.

27.05.2020 14:58

China Matters and Tianjin Haihe Media Group Released Co-produced Documentary "Everyday Warriors in Tianjin's Fight Against COVID-19"

Among the unsung characters in the fight against COVID-19, Qu Lei is the only sign-language interpreter for Tianjin's Press Conference on the pandemic prevention and control.

27.05.2020 14:23

China Matters and Tianjin Haihe Media Group Released Co-produced Documentary "A Port City's Quick Response to COVID-19"

Tianjin's public health emergency response level was lowered to level-2 on April 30, after almost four months of continuous efforts in COVID-19 prevention and control.

27.05.2020 14:15

China Matters Releases A Documentary Film on China's FAST Telescope

On April 8, China started the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, according to the National Astronomical Observatories of China.

30.04.2020 14:20