UBM plc

UBM Acquires Global Sources' Stake in eMedia Asia

100% ownership of the business adds attractive China International Optoelectronic Expo

01.07.2015 08:04

Die Internationale Kinder Babie Schwangerschaft Industrie Expo CBME Türkei wird ihre Türen im Januar 2015 öffnen

Die Istanbul Internationale Kinder Babie Schwangerschaft Industrie Expo (CBME Türkei) wird in 4 Expositionshallen in dem Istanbul CNR Expositions-Zentrum vom 15 bis 18 Januar, 2015, mit einer 38,000 …

20.10.2014 11:45

The 27th International Babies & Children Clothing & Accessories Fair (CBME Istanbul Kids Fashion ) Will Open its Doors in Istanbul, Turkey in June 2014

The International Babies & Children Clothing & Accessories Fair - CBME Istanbul Kids Fashion, the largest international exhibition for children fashion in Turkey, will open its doors in the Istanbul Fair …

29.04.2014 10:57

UBM Brings the Global Air Traffic Control Industry to China

Today in London UBM signed a historic 10-year agreement to host the world's premier event for the global air traffic community - ATC Global - in Beijing, China.

16.10.2013 20:26

UBM plc Appoints Sally Shankland as EVP, Group People & Culture Director

UBM plc today announces the appointment of Sally Shankland as Executive Vice President, Group People & Culture Director, succeeding Jennifer Duvalier who joins ARM plc.

14.05.2013 15:04

UBM 2012 Full Year Results: Interview with CEO David Levin & CFO Robert Gray

David Levin, UBM's Chief Executive Officer, has commented on UBM's 2012 Full Year Results, which were issued today:

01.03.2013 08:06

Internet World's Mobile Marketing Strategies Conference:

Effectively leveraging the mobile channel to engage your audience

10.10.2012 15:29

Concrete Show South America 2012 to be Bigger and Better!

Due to high demand UBM's Concrete Show South America has increased its exhibition space to allow more companies the chance to gain direct exposure in a booming market.

18.06.2012 13:07

UBM Builds Events Capabilities in Turkey

UBM plc today announces that it has formed a strategic partnership with NTSR, a leading Turkish exhibition company, to create an operations and logistics hub which will provide a local platform for UBM's …

28.02.2012 09:10