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Almost Twice as Many People Prefer Relaxing Vacations to Active Ones, Shows GfK Survey

In a 17-country online survey ( conducted by GfK, well over half (59 percent) of people say they prefer a vacation "where I relax and take it easy".

27.04.2017 09:32

60% of Online Population Reads Books Either Daily or at Least Once a Week [GfK Study]

- China has highest percentage of "every day" book readers

23.03.2017 09:33

European Optics Market Records Over EUR17 Billion in 2016

GfK's sales tracking of four key European retail optics markets (Italy, France, Spain and Germany), shows a turnover of EUR17.6 billion for total year 2016.

07.03.2017 07:02

Latest Driver Technology is 'Very Important' to 1 in 3 People Across 17 Countries [GfK Study]

Independent global researcher, GfK, has released findings showing which vehicle features, from a given list, people see as being 'very important' in a vehicle.

24.02.2017 06:03

GfK Study Shows More People Firmly Agree with Sharing Personal Data in Return for Rewards, than Firmly Disagree

Over a quarter (27 percent) of internet users across 17 countries strongly agree that they are willing to share their personal data in exchange for benefits or rewards like lower costs or personalized …

27.01.2017 08:32

GfK - Generosity lives: Four in ten people help others a minimum of once a month

In the run up to Christmas, it is comforting to know that habits of generosity are still strong.

30.11.2016 10:04

Eyesight and Memory Loss are Leading Concerns Around Aging

Internationally, the top five physical conditions that people worry most about having, either now or as they age, are eyesight getting poorer, not being as mentally alert, lacking energy, having trouble …

28.10.2016 07:02

A Third of People Track Their Health or Fitness. Who Are They and Why Are They Doing it?

A recent international GfK survey (, conducted online in 16 countries, shows one in three people (33 percent) currently monitor or track their health …

29.09.2016 10:03

Home Improvement: Women Aspire to Better Décor; Men to Better Size and Layout

- International findings show top five countries most interested in each area of home improvement

02.09.2016 13:18

One in Three 'Always Concerned' About Their Safety and Security

Close to a third (32 percent) of the online population across 21 countries firmly agree[1] they are always concerned about their safety and security, compared to ten percent who firmly indicate[1] that they …

21.07.2016 10:02

"Always reachable" Mindset is Above 40 Percent, led by Russia, China and Turkey

Internationally, 42 percent of the online connected population agree firmly[1] with the statement "To me, it is important to always be reachable wherever I am" - and only 11 percent firmly disagree[1].

22.06.2016 11:03

Pet-owners Dominate in Latin America, Russia and USA

Over half (56 percent) of people internationally have at least one pet living with them, with dogs proving most popular in Latin America, while Russian and French pet-owners prefer cats.

24.05.2016 10:05

China treibt Wachstum bei weltweiten Smartphone-Verkäufen

Die globale Smartphone-Nachfrage blieb mit einem Plus von 6 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahresquartal auch im ersten Quartal 2016 weiterhin positiv. Dazu trug vor allem das fortgesetzte Wachstum im unteren …

20.05.2016 16:53

Hong Kong, North America and UAE Are World's Most "Connected" Populations

Hong Kong and North America have the world's most highly connected consumers - but people in the United Arab Emirates are closing in fast.

10.05.2016 10:03

Channel Collision: Drivers of Online and In-store Shopping Are Not as Sharply Divided as you Think

Traditionally, the primary drivers for online shopping are seen as being consumers' desire for better price, time saving and choice, in particular access to the 'long tail'.

05.05.2016 11:02
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