Atego Launches Atego Asset Library

Atego provides a highly scalable, web based, system and software engineering asset repository, enabling publication, discovery and reuse.

30.01.2013 19:03

Atego Releases Aonix ObjectAda 8.5 for Windows

Ada development and compilation system enhanced for Microsoft Windows 7

11.09.2012 14:04

Atego Launches Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 6.1

Next-generation embedded Virtual Machine and compilation technology for Symmetrical Multi-Processor systems

02.08.2012 18:03

Atego Acquires IBM Rational Apex Ada Developer Product Family

Adds Ada IDE for mixed Ada/C/C++ application and embedded software development.

19.07.2012 19:03

Launch of Artisan Studio 7.4 Delivers All New Systems Simulation, Plus Additional Modeling Features and Benefits

This release introduces Artisan Studio SySim for system level simulation; plus improvements to sandboxing, differencing, state machines and IDL3/IDL3+ generation/reversing

24.05.2012 15:07

Atego Launches Atego Process Director for DO-178

DO-178 process templates jump-start certified airborne software projects, enhancing process definition, deployment, management and refinement.

21.03.2012 13:04

Atego wird im diesjährigen Software 500-Ranking des Software Magazine gelistet

"Software 500 - 2011" ist das 29. jährliche umsatzbasierte Ranking der weltweit grössten Software- und Dienstleistungsunternehmen

22.11.2011 08:04