EW Nutrition GmbH

EW Nutrition launches industry-leading webinar series with topical Antimicrobial Resistance twin sessions

Yesterday, German-based company EW Nutrition took a first step toward serving the animal production industry in these challenging times.

01.04.2020 08:30

High performance swine production with reduced use of antibiotics: Second workshop by EW Nutrition and OPP Group

From 4 to 7 November, in Lleida, Spain, OPP Group and EW Nutrition are hosting their second workshop on animal health and welfare with reduced antibiotic use.

01.11.2019 12:06

EW Nutrition Opens New Production Plant in China

On 29 October, German-based company EW Nutrition will officially open its new production plant in China. The new plant is the next step in the successful development of EWN Biotechnology Shanghai.

28.10.2019 09:00

EW Nutrition, awarded the 2019 Outstanding Contribution Award for reducing antibiotic resistance in the layer industry (FOTO)

On August 28-29, the BBS & Excellent Product Award Ceremony for Reducing Antibiotic Resistance for the Layer Industry was held in Guangzhou.

09.09.2019 12:00

Strategische Partnerschaft zwischen EW Nutrition und ICON

EW Nutrition erwirbt 51 % der Anteile an ICON

10.04.2018 08:42