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euro adhoc: freenet.de AG / Gewinne / freenet.de AG closes fiscal 2004 with record result, exceeds all earnings and customer forecasts (D)

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freenet.de AG closes fiscal 2004 with record result, exceeds all earnings and customer forecasts

· EBT of 97.66 million euro, a 105 percent increase vs. 2003 (47.66 million euro)
· EBITDA of 133.37 million euro, up by more than 67 percent vs. 2003 (79.88 million euro)
· Group result at 60.09 million euro, up by 64 percent vs. 2003 (36.62 million euro)
· 350,000 DSL customers at year-end 2004

freenet.de AG / Hamburg - freenet.de AG, Hamburg, today announced its preliminary business results (all IFRS) for the whole of fiscal 2004. In 2004, freenet.de AG generated total revenues of 471.58 million euro (vs. 365.50 million euro in 2003). In Q4/2004 alone, the Internet telecommunications company scored record revenues of 126.47 million euro - a 9 percent increase over the previous quarter‘s revenues of 116.02 million euro (and up from 116.64 million euro in Q4/2003).

freenet.de AG’s EBITDA for 2004 reached 133.37 million euro (up by nearly 70 percent over the 79.88 million euro earned in 2003). Earnings before Taxes (EBT) amounted to 97.66 million euro, double the pre-tax earnings generated in 2003 (47.66 million euro). In Q4/2004 alone, the company had EBT of 21.97 million euro - up by 17 percent year on year (Q4/2003: 18.82 million euro). Group net income amounted to 60.09 million euro (a 64 percent increase vs. 36.62 million euro in 2003).

Based on an above-plan fourth-quarter performance, freenet.de AG exceeded its forecasts for fiscal 2004: both the EBITDA forecast of 130 million euro and the EBT forecast (adjusted upward just last November) of between 93 and 95 million euro. It should be noted that freenet.de was able to recruit more DSL customers at year-end than the 280,000 bis 300,000 DSL customers originally envisioned by the company, which resulted in increased marketing costs: At Dec 31, 2004, more than 350,000 of freenet’s over 3.8 million Internet access customers were freenetDSL customers, although not all customers had been enabled by Telekom by year-end.

freenet.de AG will announce all other financials on Feb 22, 2005, on which day the company will host an annual press conference in Hamburg.

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