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EANS-Adhoc: immigon portfolioabbau ag / immigon portfolioabbau ag decides to publish buyback quotes for any and all outstanding subordinated liabilities with a maturity date later than 31 December 2016 on its website (6 July 2016) - Supplement

ad-hoc disclosure transmitted by euro adhoc with the aim of a Europe-wide distribution. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

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Supplemental to the ad-hoc release of today, Buyback Quotes are intended to be published exclusively for the following Instruments:

ISIN Name Currency Maturity SSD F80 Schuldscheindarlehen F80 EUR 18 January 2017 AT000B053715 Nachrang CMS Floater to Fix 2007-2017 / Serie 136 EUR 30 March 2017

AT000B053855 ÖVAG Nachrangige Nullkuponanleihe 2007 - 2017

/ Serie 150 EUR 3 April 2017 SSD F99 Schuldscheindarlehen F99 EUR 15 May 2017 SSD F102 Schuldscheindarlehen F102 EUR 30 May 2017 SSD F103 Schuldscheindarlehen F103 EUR 30 May 2017 AT000B115902 Nachrangige FRN Schuldverschreibungen Volksbank AG 2013-2018 / Serie 2 EUR 26 July 2018 AT000B115910 Nachrangige FRN Schuldverschreibungen Volksbank AG 2013-2019 / Serie 3 EUR 26 July 2019 AT000B115928 Nachrangige FRN Schuldverschreibungen Volksbank AG 2013-2020 / Serie 4 EUR 26 July 2020 AT000B056759 Nachrangiger Merkur Best of Life II Garant 2008 - 2020 / Serie 20 EUR 1 December 2020

AT0000432976 6,35 % / 7 % Volksbanken-Nachrangkapital-

Schuldverschreibung 2002-2022 / P2 EUR 18 January 2022 AT0000322532 Nachrangige Euro CMS linked Floating Rate Notes 2002-2022 / 2 der Investkredit Bank AG EUR 12 April 2022 AT000B115936 Nachrangige FRN Schuldverschreibungen Volksbank AG 2013-2024 / Serie 5 EUR 26 July 2024 AT000B115944 Nachrangige FRN Schuldverschreibungen Volksbank AG 2013-2025 / Serie 6 EUR 26 July 2025 AT000B052055 4,05% / 5,00% kündbare nachrangige Anleihe 2006-2026 EUR 19 January 2026

AT000B053558 5,27 % mehrfach kündbare Nachrang Anleihe 2007-2027 / Serie 119 EUR 8 February.2027

Mandatory information pursuant to the disclosure and notification regulation (Veröffentlichungs- und Meldeverordnung - VMV)

The following issues of participation capital (Partizipationskapital) of immigon are admitted to trading on a regulated market in a Member State of the European Economic Area:

ISIN: XS0359924643 EUR 500,000,000 Perpetual Non Cumulative Participation Capital Certificates (issued by Banque de Luxembourg as trustee)

The five exchange-listed bonds issued by immigon with the highest nominal volume outstanding are:

ISIN: AT000B056544 AT000B053442 AT000B115902 AT000B060462 AT0000322458

Securities issued by immigon are admitted to trading on the following stock exchanges:

Geregelter Freiverkehr of the Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse AG) Amtlicher Handel of the Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse AG) Regulated Market of Luxembourg Stock Exchange Open market (Freiverkehr) of Berlin Stock Exchange Open market (Freiverkehr) of Stuttgart Stock Exchange Open Market (Freiverkehr) of Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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issuer: immigon portfolioabbau ag Peregringasse 2 A-1090 Wien phone: +43 (0)1 313 40-0 mail: info@immigon.com WWW: www.immigon.com sector: Banking

ISIN: AT000B056544, AT000B053442, XS0275528627, AT000B060462,

AT000B115902 indexes:

stockmarkets: free trade: Berlin, Stuttgart, regulated dealing: Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Regulated free trade: Wien language: English

Digital press kit: http://www.ots.at/pressemappe/18035/aom

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Thomas Heimhofer
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