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EANS-Adhoc: A-TEC INDUSTRIES AG announces plans to restart Business Activities

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Vienna, Feb.4, 2013: The board of directors of A-TEC INDUSTRIES AG (ISIN AT00000ATEC9) ("A-TEC") announces today: As per Ad-hoc information of Nov. 6, 2012, the trustee to the restructuring proceedings of A-TEC intended to effect the payment of a cash quota in the amount of 39%, to A-TEC's creditors ---as per the restructuring proceedings. This payment has been effected. Due to the fact that all assets of A-TEC have been transferred to the trustee, and the major part of the assets having been sold, the restructuring of A-TEC, i.e. release of all debts, has been effected as per restructuring plan of Dec. 29, 2010, by payment of a 39 % quota which exceeded the 30% quota required by the restructuring plan. A-TEC now is planning to recommence its business activities, in the medium term, by re-establishing its original core business fields which have been in place since 2001, i.e. industrial investments in machine(tool)production, plant construction (energy and environment), drive technologies, and minerals and metals (upstream, downstream, with focus on copper production). Presently, A-TEC is sounding and pre-discussing possible acquisitions. Financing may be effected by means of capital increases, share issuings, equity like instruments, mezzanine capital, or debt financing. At the same time, share capital increases by using newly issued shares as consideration for the acquisition, may be considered. First acquisitions may take place in the first or second half of 2013.

A-TEC has and had, both during and after end of the restructuring proceedings, the infrastructure - staff, premises, an acting management (CEO and CFO) necessary to maintain an industrial holding company. All expenses accrued during and after the restructuring proceedings, have and will be borne by the main shareholder M.U.S.T. private-foundation ("Main Shareholder") until A-TEC's ability to effect repayment. The financing of these expenses has been agreed between A-TEC and the Main Shareholder, whereupon the repayment shall be subordinated and free of interests and performed by Dec.31, 2013, provided acquisitions have been made until Dec. 31, 2013, otherwise at a later date following acquisitions. Additional holding expenses have not accrued until now and are not planned. Both board of directors and supervisory board are presently acting free of charge, until further notice.

Once A-TEC has recommenced its regular business activities, the company plans to increase personnel to a level required by an operational industrial holding company, and to relocate the present office premises - located at a hotel at 1100 Vienna and owned by the Main Shareholder -to Vienna city center premises suitable for an industrial holding company. During 2013 the company should be provided with new funding, both from its core shareholders, and, if applicable and feasible, by share capital increase via public offering in the year 2013.

The Austrian Financial Market Authority announced on Feb.1, 2013, that it mandated the Vienna Stock Exchange AG to examine reasons for a possible delisting of A-TEC's financial instruments from the Official Market, based on reasons which already have been reported in the public media.

Finally, A-TEC announces that, following suggestion of several shareholders, an informative meeting solely for A-TEC's shareholders, will take place to discuss the future of the company and possible business activities, on Feb. 15, 2013, 09:00 - 11:00 a.m., at 1100 Vienna Kurbadstrasse 8, Airo Tower Hotel. This informational meeting shall solely provide for a discussion among and with shareholders and by no means shall be regarded as a shareholder general meeting as per the AktG (joint stock corporation law). For admission purposes, shareholders are requested to complete the form "Information Meeting of Feb.15, 2013 - Registration" as preannounced on A-TEC's homepage, and submit the completed form prior to joining the meeting.

Investor Relations contact:
A-TEC Industries AG
Kurbadstrasse 8
1100 Vienna
Email: office@a-tecindustries.com

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