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The African Women all over the world have lost a Good-will Ambassador Barbara Prammer

Wien (OTS) - The African Women's Organisation is very sad and shocked about the death of President Barbara Prammer. She worked tirelessly with us for over 16 years and has helped us in many different ways. Furthermore the then minister of women's affairs campaigned for Anti-FGM activities in Austria, in Europe and in Africa as well as on the United Nation Level.

In 1999 Women minister Prammer supported in her capacity a FGM study in Austria and as a result it showed that FGM was also practiced in Austria. In 2001 President Prammer took the case to the parliament and it was criminalized unanimously and thus has been forbidden in Austria. Her engagement wasn't only limited at home but she also worked internationally. Barbara Prammer has also been linked with the African Union and the organisation of Women in Africa. By conducting a conference in 2002 member of the parliament Prammer made FGM a EU-wide topic to raise awareness. In return the European FGM Network awarded her a medall for her engagement against FGM. On march 2001 28 African Organisations decided in Tanzania to name Mrs. Barbara Prammer a Good-Will Ambassador on the Anti-FGM campaign in Europe. In this occasion she addressed the African Union and UN Economic Comission for Africa in 2001. She has then clarified Austria's and European Union's stand on FGM. She has also visited FGM affected women in African hospitals. Mrs. Prammer had a discussion on FGM with various religious leaders. In February 2007 she also adressed an Anti-FGM day at the UNO-City in Vienna. Overall Mrs.Prammer her commitment on this work was very high and she leaded the EU-Action plan in Austria. Her work was not limited to official occasions but she always had an open office and time for humanitarian issues.

Mrs. Etenesh Hadis says: "We are grateful for her sincerity, her honesty and her willingeness to accept all kinds of minorities and to support their causes. The African Women's Organisation as well as ACTPEW (African Coalition for Traditional Practices and Empowerment of Women) based in Africa feels honoured for her work and her support. For us President Prammer was a very special person and we are glad to have been able to work closely with her. We wish her family and her colleagues all the strength."

Sincere condolonces,
Etenesh Hadis & Christiane Ugbor and the Team of African Women

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