Paving the way to equitable access to treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Brussels (OTS) - Today stakeholders from across the entire healthcare sector in the EU participated in a roundtable discussion, to debate policy options to reduce inequalities in access to treatment across Europe.

Charles River Associates launched a report examining the variable access to Multiple Sclerosis treatment and the way it is managed. This report provided a stimulus for debate for the over twenty stakeholder groups present. The European Commission was represented by DG Health and Consumers.

Angelika Werthmann, ALDE MEP, "The focus of EU health policy needs to guarantee both the long-term sustainability of healthcare systems and equitable access to treatment in the EU. I welcome the research presented today, setting out key policy implications. The results of today's stakeholder discussion will be invaluable as I work towards reducing the inequalities patients face in accessing treatment."

Tim Wilsdon, Charles River Associates, "We are pleased that our new research will feed into policy debates and improve the lives of Multiple Sclerosis patients that are currently unable to access the best treatment in the EU."

Christoph Thalheim, European Multiple Sclerosis Platform, "We hope that today's discussions will drive forward concrete action that will increase the affordability and access to essential medicines for MS patients across all Member States of the EU."

The participants of this morning's roundtable discussion represented a wide range of interests: patients groups' organisations, representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, doctors' associations, international institutions such as the WHO and Members of the European Parliament. They engaged with the speakers to discuss the role of the European Commission in reducing inequalities of access to patient care in the EU and how to build on the recent progress.

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