Werthmann on the situation in Cyprus

Strasbourg (OTS) - MEP Angelika Werthmann participated in the
second annual visit of the European Parliament's "High-level contact Group for Relations with the Turkish-Cypriot community in the Northern part of the island" which took place in a very crucial moment for the negotiations in view of a solution to the "Cyprus-problem".

Werthmann states that "a call for a solution to the problem has never been louder and more urgent than at the moment being. In view of the international legal situation and resolutions to the "Cyprus-problem" and especially in view of the economic situation on the island, it is absolutely necessary to find an agreement in accordance with the UN-resolutions and the European values, also because the Turkish-Cypriots could rather sooner than later become extinct in their own area, according to what several trade unions, journalists and NGOs reported to the group."

During the mission MEP Werthmann had the opportunity to meet the highest institutional figures on the island together with their representatives: the President of the Republic Mr. Christofias, the Leader of the Turkish-Cypriot Community Mr. Eroglu, the EU-Ambassadors, the Special Advisor of the UN Secretary-General Mr. Downer and some representatives from the European Commission managing the aid programs.

Among many other meetings with important actors on the island, MEP Werthmann states that "the meeting with the representatives of the Committee of missing persons (CMP) was of exceptional importance, since their work helps the people on both sides of the island - the Turkish-Cypriots as well as the Greek-Cypriots - to come to terms with the history and finally have the open wounds heal."

MEP Werthmann together with all the other members of the group has reiterated her commitment to put all the efforts possible to support the process for a durable and sustainable solution to the "Cyprus problem".

(The views expressed are those solely of the respective author and should not be taken, in any way, to reflect to official opinion of the European Parliament)

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