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  • Revenue eases by 1.8% despite growth in volumes
  • Operating profit (before exceptional items) more than doubles from EUR 37.8 million to EUR 91.9 million
  • Profit for the period of EUR 72.7 million (prior year: loss of EUR 15.9 million)
  • Return on capital employed of 6.9% (prior year: 2.8%)
  • Further reduction in net debt by EUR 93.5 million to EUR 376.6 million 2009|10 Change(%) 2008|09 Q4 Change(%) Q4 2009|10 2008|09 Revenue (EURm) 1,989.2 -1.8% 2,026.3 453.4 +5.2% 430.8 EBITDA (EURm) 176.2 +47.8% 119.2 37.5 +1.7% 36.9 Operating 91.9 +>100.0% 37.8 13.0 -28.2% 18.1 profit before exceptional items (EURm) Operating 4.6% 1.9% 2.9% 4.2% margin Profit for the 72.7 +>100.0% (15.9) 14.9 +>100.0% 0.3 period (EURm) Earnings per 5.08 +>100.0% (0.82) 1.05 +>100.0% 0.02 share (EUR) Dividend per 1.95* 1.95 share (EUR)

* Proposal to the Annual General Meeting

The 2009|10 financial year brought solid results for AGRANA despite the fact that the worldwide recession reached its climax in calendar year 2009.

Segment results:

Revenue 2009|10: EUR 684.1 million (prior year: EUR 702.5 million) EBIT 2009|10: EUR 15.2 million (prior year: EUR 15.8 million)
In spite of volume growth in the Sugar segment, the quota reduction led to a revenue decrease of 2.6%. The earnings situation in the Sugar segment will improve again in the medium term through the non-recurrence of the restructuring levies and as a result of efficiency gains.

Revenue 2009|10: EUR 499.2 million (prior year: EUR 519.4 million) EBIT 2009|10: EUR 41.1 million (prior year: EUR 27.5 million)
The very good operating profit was achieved despite the price decline in principal products and co-products and the accompanying revenue decrease of 4%. The bioethanol business recorded growth in revenue thanks to the full utilisation of the bioethanol capacity in Austria and Hungary, and with the start-up years behind it, it is now profitable.

Revenue 2009|10: EUR 805.9 million (prior year: EUR 804.4 million) EBIT 2009|10: EUR 35.7 million (prior year: loss of EUR 5.5 million) The stabilisation in revenue and earnings was achieved by streamlining the production of fruit preparations and through good sales in the USA, Asia, Australia and the Eastern European countries. In fruit juice concentrates, AGRANA made up for the significantly lower purchase prices by selling larger quantities.

For the 2010|11 financial year, AGRANA´s top goal is to further improve profitability through organisational optimisations that will yield long-term benefits. AGRANA currently expects Group revenue to remain steady compared with 2009|10 and sees operating profit before exceptional items rising beyond the prior-year level. "We plan not only to defend our market position but to continually expand it where opportunities present themselves, through organic growth as well as by tapping new markets," comments AGRANA Chief Executive Officer Johann Marihart.

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