EANS-Adhoc: Rosenbauer International AG / Successful growth trajectory sustained - revenues up for fifth time in a row Dividend proposal of 0.8 EUR per share Revenues and result expected to rise in 2010

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GROUP KEY DATA | |2009 |2008 |? in % | |Revenue |EUR Mio|541.8 |500.3 |+ 8% | |EBIT before one-off effects |EUR Mio|43.5 |39.9 |+ 9% | |EBIT after one-off effetcs |EUR Mio|29.4 |39.9 |(26%) | |EBT |EUR Mio|26.4 |32.3 |(18%) | |Consolidated profit |EUR Mio|17.6 |25.1 |(30%) | |Cash Flow from operating activities |EUR Mio|17.5 |20.4 |(14%) | |Total assets |EUR Mio|306.8 |251.0 |+ 22% | |Equity in % of total assets | |32.5 % |36.7 % |(11%) | |Investments |EUR Mio|15.8 |12.2 |+ 30% | |Earnings per share |EUR |1.5 |2.9 |(48%) | |Dividend per share |EUR |0.8 1) |0.8 | | |Employees as at Dec 31 | |1,946 |1,795 | + 8% | |Order intake |EUR Mio|575.9 |556.7 |+ 3% | |Order backlog as at Dec 31 |EUR Mio|487.2 |459.2 |+ 6% | 1) Proposal to Annual General Meeting

Rosenbauer maintained its growth trajectory in 2009.Group revenues rose in 2009 to the record figure of EUR 541.8 Mio (2008: EUR 500.3 Mio), 8% up on the previous year. This development was driven largely by the export sales of Rosenbauer International AG and by the Group´s US businesses.

Last year´s operating result (EBIT before taking account of one-off effects) was lifted by 9% to reach the highest figure ever, EUR 43.5 Mio (2008: EUR 39.9 Mio). As in previous years, the biggest contributors to the result were the export business of Rosenbauer International AG and the US companies. An operating EBIT margin (before one-off effects) of 8.0% was achieved (2008:
8.0%), once more fulfilling the strategic goal of attaining a figure above the industry average.

First announced in May 2009, the investigation by the German Federal Cartel Office is still underway and encompasses all the main manufacturers of municipal fire fighting vehicles in Germany. After a thorough assessment of the ongoing proceedings and due to consultation with legal counsel, Management has decided to make a provision in an amount of EUR 15.0 Mio. This leads to an EBIT, after one-off effects, of EUR 29.4 Mio. A decision by the Federal Cartel Office is expected during the financial year 2010.

Production JV established in Russia
Russia is one of the world´s biggest fire equipment markets. In the past, however, almost all procurement was of locally produced vehicles, of comparatively low qualitative and technical standard. Now a series of major fires, some of them with disastrous consequences, have greatly heightened safety awareness in the country. In response, a program has been launched to modernize municipal fire departments in the larger cities, with active involvement from Rosenbauer. Rosenbauer has been watching this development closely in recent years, and in 2009 took the first steps towards setting up a local production joint venture. These involved building fire fighting vehicles fitted with top-quality equipment on locally produced chassis, and delivering them to Russian fire departments. This year it is planned to increase the production numbers, gradually enlarging the locally manufactured content.

Outlook 2010
The high volume of order backlog at the end of 2009 means that full utilization of production capacity can be foreseen for some time to come. This being the case, Management is confident of another record year, with a further increase in the Group´s revenues and operating result.

The Rosenbauer Group
The Rosenbauer Group is the world´s leading manufacturer of fire-fighting and disaster protection vehicles for airports and industry. Rosenbauer is a full-liner with over 1,800 employees and an extensive range of municipal fire fighting vehicles and aerials in line with both European and US standards, a comprehensive selection of airport and industrial vehicles, the latest extinguishing systems and special fire service equipment. In 2008, the Group, which is represented in over 100 countries, generated revenues amounting to more than EUR 500 Mio.

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