EANS-Adhoc: SW Umwelttechnik: Major projects from the Adriatic to the Black Sea

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Concrete parts made by SW Umwelttechnik in high demand: Italy´s environmentally friendliest motorway section, 27 petrol stations in Austria, ten supermarkets in Hungary, an aeroplane-hangar and jacking pipes in Romania; we are in business! Our new orders totalling EUR 4m confirm our strong market position in Central and South Eastern Europe.

We are contributing to an environmentally friendly way of closing the gap of the motorway section between Porto Gruaro and Conegliano by fitting separation equipment for mineral light liquids. SW Umwelttechnik, together with the company K.M.C. from Udine, provided 20 mineral oil separators in varying sizes in value of EUR 260,000. This is one-of-a-kind in Italy: The first purifying equipment to conduct all motorway surface wastewater.

After the first discount petrol station opened in Salzburg last year, the prices for petrol in its vicinity were consistently at its lowest in Austria. SW Umwelttechnik will provide compactly designed mineral oil separators for the Austrian-wide expansion of a further 27 petrol stations. These will ensure that the impact on the environment is as low as possible. Total order value amounts to EUR 100,000.

SW Umwelttechnik´s structural engineering department will be providing the concrete parts for the construction of ten more British supermarkets in Hungary, totalling an order value of EUR 1.2m.

An Austrian producer of corrugated cardboard and paper has commissioned SW Umwelttechnik to provide and mount structural engineering parts for their Budapest site. Order value totals an equivalent of EUR 800,000.

SW Romania has been contracted by T Dancor Romconstruct, a large Romanian construction company, to supply jacking pipes in value of EUR 400,000. The pipes, for 500 metres of jacking pipes, will be used in the 5th district in Bucharest.
This means that after already having been commissioned with the tunnelling projects Baneasa (1200m), Galati (1400m) and Pitesti (2500m) SW has been awarded all jacking pipe projects that are currently being undertaken in Romania. It is safe to say we are now a highly sought after supplier in this market.

A further Romanian showcase is the construction of a hangar to house the Hercules cargo planes for the Romanian army at the Otopeni airport. SW Umwelttechnik will be supplying ten solid pillars, each 25 m long and weighing 40 tonnes each.

With these projects SW Unwelttechnik shows that close collaboration across boarders leads to successful innovations. Our corporate strategy is confirmed.

SW Umwelttechnik, a family firm founded in 1910 and listed on the Viennese stock exchange since 1997, stands for sustainable management and consistent growth in Eastern and South Eastern Europe. With our innovative technology to protect the environment we provide an important contribution for the development of necessary infrastructure in Central and South Eastern Europe.

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