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The continuously difficult business environment in the 4th quarter in all key S&T markets led to a heavily declining IT market in 2009. Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Hungary are especially concerned. Although S&T was able to keep its leading position, this development led to changes in the guidance for the 4th quarter and thus the year 2009:

From now on the management board envisages the following results:

  • 4th quarter 2009: revenues ca. 125 M EUR and EBIT ca. 2.0-2.4 M EUR
  • Fiscal year 2009: revenues ca. 408 M EUR and EBIT ca. 1.0 M EUR

Regarding the segments these changes predominantly concern the segment Business Solutions (BS). In this segment the 4Q/2009 result is unsatisfactory. This is caused by project risks and delays, especially in the German speaking countries, Serbia, Croatia and Romania. It is furthermore caused by final restructuring costs and the ongoing weak Japanese economy.

In the course of the quarter the segment Infrastructure Solutions (IS) experienced delays and cancellations in various projects in all countries initially mentioned, as well as in Austria and Slovakia. Still the development in IS, compared to the weak IT market, can be regarded as successful in 2009. The same holds true for the Healthcare Solutions business.

A short outlook on the first quarter 2010: The management board expects a stable development compared to 1Q/2009 and a slightly positive EBIT. From today´s perspective IS should develop strongly while in BS very diverse results throughout the countries and industries can be expected.

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