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Kommunalkredit Austria AG (in future: KA Finanz AG) and Kommunalkredit Depotbank AG (in future: Kommunalkredit Austria AG) herewith announce that the spin-off of the core banking business of Kommunalkredit Austria AG to Kommunalkredit Depotbank AG, notified and described in detail in the ad-hoc notification issued by Kommunalkredit Austria AG on 17 November 2009 ("Kommunalkredit Austria AG/Split-up"), will become legally effective as of 28 November 2009. The capital measures described in the ad-hoc notification dated 17 November 2009 will also take effect as of the same time. The final negotiations with the European Commission on these measures are being continued.

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Kommunalkredit Austria AG
Tuerkenstrasse 9
1092 Vienna
Phone: +43/1/31 6 31-640
Mail: investorrelations@kommunalkredit.at
Internet: www.kommunalkredit.at

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Kommunalkredit Austria AG
Treasury - Financial Markets
Thomas Fendrich
1092 Vienna, Tuerkenstrasse 9
Phone: +43 (0)1/31 6 31-640
Fax: +43 (0)1/31 6 31-505 or 99640
Mail: t.fendrich@kommunalkredit.at