EANS-Adhoc: Release of Jungfraubahn Holding AG 2008 Business Report and 2009 AGM Agenda

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Today, Thursday, 30 April 2009, Jungfraubahn Holding AG publishes its 2008 Business Report. The Jungfrau Railway Group, Switzerland´s highest earning mountain rail & cableway company, released its last year´s results on 18 March 2009. The group was able to report the largest revenue and cash flow, and after special reserves including for the Ascoop Pension Fund, a consolidated annual profit of CHF 21 million for 2008, still the second best result in the history of the company.
The invitation to shareholders to attend the AGM on 25 May 2009 will be sent at the same time as the publication of the business report. It can be seen from the AGM agenda that as well as the dividend remaining unchanged, a share subscription programme will be proposed to shareholders. Ownership of 25 shares will give entitlement to purchase one further share at the preferential price of CHF 20. In addition to this approximately 50%, reduction, the company will also bear the withholding tax for the subscription right. The shares are from the company´s own stock. Shareholders will thus be offered the opportunity to acquire additional Jungfraubahn Holding AG shares at extremely attractive conditions. The detailed agenda is as follows:

1. 2008 business report with annual report and financial statement, 2008 divisional account, auditor´s and group auditor´s reports Executive Board proposal: Approval of the 2008 business report with annual report and financial statement, together with the 2008 divisional account.

2. Use of balance sheet profit and decision on dividends
Executive Board´s proposal: Distribution of a dividend on 5,835,000 shares of CHF 1.40 per share par value. CHF 2.- (amounting to CHF 8 169 000) and an amount of CHF 32 656 791 carried forward to new statement.

3. Placement of registered shares against subscription right Executive Board´s proposal: Offer to Jungfraubahn Holding AG shareholders to acquire registered shares from the company´s own holdings to the following main conditions:
- 25 hitherto owned registered shares gives entitlement to purchase one additional registered share.
- Purchase price: CHF 20.- per registered share of CHF 2.- nominal value. - The purchase and sale (for rounding off) of subscription rights will be carried out exclusively by Jungfraubahn Holding AG at a price per subscription determined by the usual formula
- Liability for withholding tax on the issue of subscription rights will be borne by Jungfraubahn Holding AG.
- Jungfraubahn Holding AG pledges to acquire all non-exercised subscription rights.
- Registered shares deriving from this placement will be blocked until 20 August 2009.
- The dividend on the subscribed shares for the 2008 business year will be paid out on 20 August 2009.

4. Granting of discharge to members of the Executive Board and Management Board Executive Board proposal: Granting of discharge to members of the Executive Board and Management Board.

5. Election
a) Executive Board
Executive Board proposal: Election of Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger (present), Dr. Jürg Rieben (present), Paul von Allmen (present), Ueli Winzenried (present) and Bruno Hofweber (new) for a three-year term of office.
b) Auditor and group auditor
Executive Board proposal: Election of KPMG AG, Gümligen, for 2009.

6. Any other business

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