Interior Ministry discloses 3.5 million migrant workers on voter lists

Kiew (OTS) - Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has discovered 3.5 million people on voter lists who work permanently abroad, said Minister Vasyl Tsushko. According to press agency CPU, the minister said that 2.5 million of this number originated from the western regions of Ukraine and 1 million from eastern and southern areas. The data was collected by the Council of Ministers after counting individuals illegally obtaining social welfare and unemployment benefits from the state. "Many parties have done a recount, some discovering to their dismay that they will lose 5% of their votes in the election," said Tsushko.

"NU-NS and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc make total "reload" in Donnetsk

The mayor of Donnetsk, Alexander Lukianchenko, has said that before the elections, Our Ukraine and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc exchanged (without stating any reasons) between 40 and 100% of their representatives in the polling committees. 30% of the representatives have not even started working in the local polling committees. "The actions of the polling committees have been destabilized," the mayor said on September 25th at a press conference in Donnetsk.

Disclosure of list over falsifications in the capital

The Kiev vice-president of the Party of Regions, Sergei Baranov-Mohort, has said that his party has found that mass fraud is being prepared for the election on September 30th in Kiev.
In practically all Kiev’s districts poll lists are being falsified by adding names twice, and deceased and foreign citizens (Latvians in the Podolsky region and Uzbeks in the Sviatoshinsky region). As a result of these manipulations, the poll lists are much longer. According to Baranov-Mohort, the falsification starts at Passport Service Offices at the urban district offices, continues at the regional Passport Service Offices and ends in the working teams compiling the poll lists. The biggest part of these working teams belong to the NU-NS and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc.

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