Norway ups budget to increase Eurofighter industry funding

Paris/Hallbergmoos (OTS) - The Government of Norway is to increase funding levels for its Eurofighter Industrial participation programme by a further 12.5 million Euros.

The current Industrial Participation Agreement (IPA) signed between industry, Eurofighter GmbH and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence is worth EUR 23.2 Million. This covers six ongoing contracts with various Norwegian companies carrying out systems enhancement work on the Eurofighter programme.

One of the industrial beneficiaries of the new funding is Ericsson Norway. Vice President Eldar Hauge said:

"We have a positive and open relationship with the Eurofighter team and the additional support form the government allows us to develop that even further. Our contract with Eurofighter involves developments in next generation functionality of radar systems and is essential for bringing the technologies and skills necessary for our capabilities to develop in this area.

"Through our relationship with Eurofighter we get access to state of the art knowledge and experience and we are given the chance to bring best value to the long term programme.

"This access to weapon system technology is vital for our ability to support the Royal Norwegian armed forces in the future. Without access to such technology national industries are unable to provide the levels of support that their armed forces deserve."

Aloysius Rauen, CEO of Eurofighter GmbH welcomed the development saying that the increase in funding underlines Norway's commitment to developing its role within the Eurofighter partnership.

"We continue to agree contracts with stakeholders in Norway which will bring technology, jobs and enhanced aerospace engineering capability to industry. As the capability of Eurofighter Typhoon develops throughout its service life, so the benefits in technology and capability will feed through to Norway's industrial base. This is a long term partnership which embraces a range of stakeholders across Norway and the rest of Europe," he said.


High Resolution images of the Eurofighter Typhoon can be downloaded from our web site. Hard Copy images are available on request.


Eurofighter Typhoon is the world's most advanced swing-role combat aircraft, developed by the leading aerospace companies, Alenia Aeronautica, BAE SYSTEMS, EADS in Germany and EADS CASA, of the four partner countries, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

Agile and highly manoeuvrable, the twin-engine Eurofighter Typhoon is designed to operate from hastily prepared bases and small runways for worldwide operations. It is equipped with an advanced multi-mode radar and an extensive range of sensors and electronic countermeasures.

The aircraft's ability to gain air superiority beyond visual range (BVR) and in close combat, and at the same time deliver high sortie rates against air, naval and ground targets in all weathers with a variety of weapons, demands close attention to pilot workload. In Eurofighter the pilot flies through use of a computerised flight control system, which offers full carefree handling.

A strong emphasis has been placed on reducing cost of ownership in addition to outstanding performance and flight safety. Eurofighter Typhoon is less expensive to operate than the generation of aircraft it is designed to replace. In respect to the cost to performance relationship Eurofighter is second to none of its competitors.

The Eurofighter partner nations plan to take delivery of 620 aircraft: 180 for Germany, 121 for Italy, 87 for Spain and 232 for the United Kingdom. An additional export order of 18 Eurofighter Typhoon has been signed with the Government of Austria.

The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence has agreed an industrial participation programme with Eurofighter GmbH for the future enhancement of the weapon system. Eurofighter Typhoon has also been selected by Greece to meet its respective requirements for a future fighter.

Following Type Acceptance on 30 June, 2003, delivery of Series Production Aircraft commenced to each of the four national air forces with entry into service declared in Spring of 2004.

With the signature of the Tranche 2 Production Contract on 14 December 2004, Eurofighter received the production go-ahead for more than 400 aircraft. Eurofighter Typhoon has the largest confirmed production contract order book of any next generation fighter aircraft.

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