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e-m-s new media AG (WKN 521280/ISIN DE0005212807) today executed an capital increase in return for stock adopted by the Managing Board and approved by the Supervisory Board. This capital increase involves 1,000,000 shares from the granted capital stock with the exclusion of purchase rights of shareholders.

The capital increase was subscribed by the Chief Executive Officer of e-m-s new media AG, Werner Wirsing-Lüke. The rate of issue per share amounts to 2.50 Euro and is clearly above the average exchange rate of the last days. With this capital measure, receivables of 2.5 million Euro were change into equity, which Werner Wirsing-Lüke has against the company.

By this procedure, a future flow of liquidity will be prevented. In addition, liabilities will be reduced by 2.5 million Euro and previous charges of interest will not apply. The equity of the company will be increased by the same amount. With this measure the structure of the balance sheet of e-m-s new media AG will not only be considerably improved, but the Chief Executive Officer also points out its unquestionable confidence in the company’s future.

When this capital measure has been registered, the basic capital of e-m-s new media AG will have been increased to 24.575 million Euro. Mr. Wirsing-Lüke then holds 10,486,238 shares of the company, which correspond to a share of 42.7 percent in the basic capital.

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