EP Präsident: "Müssen Europäische Verfassung noch vor Europawahlen beschließen"

Nur eine rechtzeitige Einigung kann das Vertrauen der Bürger in die EU wiederherstellen

Wien (OTS) - Vor der Debatte der Staats- und Regierungschefs über die Verfassung beim Gipfel in Brüssel heute abend hat Pat Cox diese aufgefordert, sich noch vor den Europawahlen politisch über die Verfassung zu einigen.

Seine Kommentare im Detail:

"My own sense is that there is a change in mood and a willingness to compromise on the issues which blocked the last Brussels summit. We must capitalise on this."

"No-one wants another Brussels "lost weekend" like December. A second failure would further undermine public confidence in the European project, and further procrastination risks creating new doubts internationally about the seriousness of our purpose, further alienation as regards the European project and a widening delivery gap."

"I believe that the elements of a successful treaty compromise are now at hand. I urge the Irish Government to take the necessary concrete steps to bring the negotiations to a successful conclusion within the Irish presidency."

"A breakthrough now, after the disappointment of December would provide a powerful signal that the European Union with 25 Members States has the will to work together and move forward. It would put behind us the difficulties and sometimes disarray which were shown up at various stages in 2003 and restore the confidence of our citizens in the European project."

"And if there is a will to proceed, we should proceed quickly. So my appeal to EU leaders is simple: go for it, and as soon as possible. We in the European Parliament believe that the aim should be an agreement before the European elections."

"We are approaching the home straight and the Irish Presidency must go for gold. Given sufficient political will and momentum - which was lacking last December - the details will follow."

"The issues and difficulties we have observed in the last few months on seeking agreement on a constitution will not become easier with time."

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