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euro adhoc: VA Technologie AG / Quarterly or Semiannual Financial Statements / VA Technologie AG Quarters 1-3, 2003 (E)

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Despite a flat economic situation in the first nine months of the year, order intake was raised by 5% to EUR 3,099 m. This increase was spread across all divisions.
Order backlog as at September 30, 2003, stood at EUR 4,228 m, which was 7% higher than on December 31, 2002 (EUR 3,961 m), but 2% down on the figure for the preceding year.
Group sales in the first nine months of 2003 were 3% up on the same period of last year at EUR 2,747 m.
Earnings before interest, taxes and goodwill amortisation (EBITA) in the first nine months amounted to EUR 87.2 m, which was 17% up on the comparative figure for 2002.
The earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) increased from EUR 49.5 m to EUR 57.1 m.
The VA TECH Group’s financial result for the first nine months of the year improved from minus EUR 143.3 m to minus EUR 82.3 m due to increased liquidity, lower interest rates and the omission of the write-down of the investment in the German company Babcock Borsig Power (EUR 44.4 m) in 2002.
The profit for the period for the first nine months improved from minus EUR 93.3 m in 2002 to minus EUR 22.2 m.
The focus of the Group on cash management and increased liquidity also showed tangible results in this quarter. The total of liquid assets (gross liquidity) as at September 30, 2003, amounted to EUR 756 m (following EUR 822 m at year-end 2002). After the deduction of interest-bearing liabilities of EUR 715 m (EUR 739 m at year-end 2002) positive net liquidity of EUR 41 m results (following minus EUR 62 m as at September 30, 2002). Gearing was maintained at a satisfactory minus 9%.
Cash earnings in the first nine months of the year amounted to EUR 44 m (first nine months of 2002: EUR 7 m).
In recent months, the ownership structure of VA TECH has undergone major change. Following the sale of a 19.5% holding by voestalpine and of 9% by ÖIAG, company stock is now divided among VICTORY Industriebeteiligung AG with 15.03%, the ÖIAG with 15% and 68.3% free float. The remaining 1.67% (250,000 shares) are held by VA TECH within the framework of an employee participation programme and were offered to the work force via an option scheme in November 2003. Despite of continuing reticence with regard to investment in the capital goods industry, we nonetheless continue to adhere to our forecasts for 2003. Order intake and sales will be in the order of magnitude of the preceding year. In addition, we anticipate a significant increase in the operating result and a positive net result.

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