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The business development during the first nine months of fiscal 2003 was very positive for WEB.DE AG: revenues rose steadily in Q1-Q3/2003 versus the comparable prior year period by 42 percent to EUR 23.5 million. This already corresponds to the revenues of full fiscal year 2002 (EUR 23.6 million) generated in three quarters of fiscal 2003.

Despite the marked increase in total revenues, the operating expense basis was reduced by -7% during the first nine months 2003. A similarly positive development was chalked up by the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) which totaled EUR +2.8 million in Q1-Q3/2003 (EUR -5.0 million in Q1-Q3/2002). The net result amounted to EUR +0.6 million versus EUR -13.0 million during the comparable prior year period.

E-Commerce developed very well during the past nine-month period with sales revenues of EUR 5.0 million (plus 61 percent versus EUR 3.1 million in Q1-Q3/2002). Despite the ongoing difficult general economic and market-related framework conditions, Media Sales grew slightly in revenues during the period under review to EUR 7.9 million (+1% versus EUR 7.8 million in Q1-Q3/2002). It now accounts for 34% of total sales revenues. Digital Pay Services grew +87% in revenues compared to the prior year period to EUR 10.6 million and continue to be the clear growth driver.

With EUR +5.2 million a similarly positive development was recorded during the period under review for the operating cash flow (EUR -5.1 million in Q1-Q3/2002) as well as for cash and cash equivalents which rose by EUR +5.5 million to a total of EUR 100.5 million.

The Executive Board of WEB.DE AG confirms its expectations for the seasonally strongest fourth quarter 2003 as well as for the full fiscal year 2003: revenues will continue to rise in Q4/2003 which translates into - as announced at the beginning of the year - an anticipated increase in revenues versus prior year of 35 to 40 percent for the full year 2003. With a stepping up of expenditures in research and development in the field of Web Telecommunications, the Executive Board expects a positive net income and positive earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) for fiscal 2003.

Appendix: Key indicators (in EUR million) Q1-Q3/2003 Q1-Q3/2002 Revenues 23.5 16.6 Gross profit 17.7 12.2 Marketing and Advertising (8.6) (10.9) Research and Development (9.8) (8.9) Income for the period under review 0.6 (13.0) EBITDA 2.8 (5.0) Earnings per share (in EUR) 0.02 (0.35) Operating cash flow 5.2 (5.1) Cash and cash equivalents 100.5 95.0

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