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euro adhoc: ABIT AG / GFKL Financial Services AG buys ABIT AG shares held by MCS et Associés S.A. / change in supervisory board of ABIT AG (E)

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Meerbusch, 17 October 2003. Today, GFKL Financial Services AG (GFKL), Essen, has informed ABIT AG that it has concluded a purchase agreement with MCS et Associés S.A. (MCS), Paris, for a total of 672,321 shares (= 12.41 percent of ABIT AG’s share capital) at a price of EUR 4.00 each, which is all the stock MCS holds. The decision by MCS so sell its participation in ABIT AG has to be viewed in connection with GFKL’s intention to acquire a substantial participation in ABIT AG. In conjunction with the planned merger of phinware AG of Düsseldorf into ABIT AG, GFKL had put forth a tender offer to ABIT AG’s stockholders on 10 October to buy shares at a price of EUR 4.00 each.

In connection with the sale of the ABIT AG shares by MCS, Mr. Patrice Mourruau, the majority shareholder in MCS, has stepped down from ABIT AG’s supervisory board.

ABIT AG and MCS agree that their partnership in the field of purchasing and recovering outstanding receivables should continue.

Additionally, Mr. Bernd Eberding had to resign from the supervisory board for health reasons.

ABIT AG will request the court-appointment of Mr. Kurt Sondermann as member of the supervisory board. Furthermore, there is consensus as to the third member of the supervisory board, although the formal decision has yet to be taken.

Further inquiry note:
Herr Sven Kamerar
Head of Corporate Communications
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E-Mail: investor@abit.de
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FAX: +49(0)2150 9153 294
Email: investor@abit.de

Emittent: ABIT AG Robert-Bosch-Strasse 1 DE-40668 Meerbusch Tel: +49(0)2150 9153 0 FAX: +49(0)2150 9153 294 Email: investor@abit.de WWW: www.abit.net ISIN: DE0005122501 WKN: 512250

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