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Silvio Berlusconi drückt EP-Präsident Pat Cox sein Bedauern aus

Heutiges Telefonat zwischen Cox und Berlusconi zu den Vorfällen von vergangener Woche in Straßburg

Brüssel (OTS) - During a telephone conversation this afternoon
with the President of the European Parliament, Pat Cox, the President of the European Council, Silvio Berlusconi expressed his regret for having used in the course of an animated debate on the Programme of the Italian Presidency on 2 July in Strasbourg, certain expressions and comparisons which hurt the sensitivities of Members of the European Parliament. Mr Berlusconi added that his intentions may have been misunderstood and that in no way had he ever intended to offend.

Setting aside his personal feelings, as President of the European Council, Mr Berlusconi expressed the hope to move forward and to work together with the European Parliament on the challenging programme of the Italian Presidency.

He also stressed to President Cox his respect for the European Parliament as the seat of democratic legitimacy of the European Union and his desire to see the Parliament fully associated, through its representatives, in the Intergovernmental Conference.

President Cox reiterated his wishes for a successful Presidency.

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