EP-Präsident Pat Cox nimmt zum Wahlausgang in Frankreich Stellung

"The future of France will affect the future of Europe", says EP-President Pat COX

Wien (OTS) - Der Präsident des Europäischen Parlaments, Pat Cox, erkärte heute in Brüssel zum Ausgang der ersten Runde der Präsidentenwahlen in Frankreich:

"A President of EP would not normally comment on national elections but these particular elections have produced such an unusual and unexpected result as to warrant an exception."

"First of all, a word of caution. We can only draw definitive conclusions from yesterday night's situation after the second round of the presidential elections, and after both rounds of the legislative elections which will follow. A long process lies ahead before we will know the final outcome."

"As regards the second round of the presidential election, I am confident that all democrats in France will rally behind democratic values and stand up against intolerance and xenophobia."

"After the legislative elections, I have no doubt that France will retain her place in the mainstream of the politics of tolerance in Europe, thereby reaffirming Europe's fundamental values and principles."

"A result where 30% of the electors abstained, and 30% of those who took part voted for candidates of the extreme right or extreme left, is likely to hold lessons not just for France but for the entire European political class."

"The future of France will necessarily affect the future of Europe."

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