Visteon to host industry consortium toward advancements in automotive electrical systems in Palmela, Portugal March 26-27

Palmela, Portugal (ots-PRNewswire) - Visteon Corporation (NYSE:
VC) will host automotive industry leaders at the upcoming Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Industry Consortium on Advanced Automotive Electrical/Electric Components and Systems, from March 26 to 27, 2001.


During the course of the technical conference, MIT members will tour Visteon's Palmela Plant in Portugal -- viewing state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing processes -- followed by a technology review of Visteon's 42- Volt systems capabilities. Visteon engineers also will present technical papers, two of which are entitled, "The Systems Approach to Specifying an Integrated Starter Alternator" and "Simulating the Performance of a 42-Volt vehicle."

"The MIT Consortium provides an excellent venue for automotive leaders around the world to consider technologies and discuss the enormous possibilities 42-Volt systems have to offer," said John Kill, Visteon's Vice President of Product Development. "It is our goal to make Visteon's customers successful by leveraging our vehicle systems expertise and global manufacturing capabilities to deliver 42-Volt systems."

Visteon's 42-Volt Technology is being developed to meet the increased energy demands of future vehicles. This technology will expand existing electrical systems to a higher voltage, requiring less current with smaller wires. As a result, this higher voltage system will provide the increased power necessary for introducing and delivering breakthrough products and technologies. The system's architecture has opened the doors to numerous possibilities in terms of the systems, subsystems, components and other vehicle features. Furthermore, 42-Volt systems allow engineers to develop a vehicle's entire structural design, subsystems and components to improve fuel economy, reduce harmful emissions and provide increased power for new consumer features.

During the MIT Consortium, Visteon will display products and technologies designed for 42-Volt power consumption including:

* Integrated Starter Alternator (ISA) -- combines starter and alternator functions into one powerful system, which enables stop-start strategies, brake regeneration and power assist/boost. ISA is the first electric power generator which, in conjunction with the 42-Volt architecture, provides a power source up to five times greater than those currently used. Benefits include faster starting, high electrical power to cope with ever-increasing loads, potential improvement of fuel combustion, high efficiency, and minimal space requirements.

* Electronic Power Assist Steering (EPAS) -- introduces an energy efficient system solution that assists the driver by using a direct connection between an electronic motor and the steering system. Unlike conventional steering systems, EPAS does not require hydraulic fluid or power steering pumps and hoses, thus resulting in reduced weight and improved fuel economy. This system incorporates higher voltage and unique packaging, resulting in fuel economy improvements.

* PrecisionCooling(TM) -- monitors and controls the engine temperature and optimises power consumption of the engine cooling and heating and air conditioning components. Through a patent pending control strategy, the engine coolant flow rate, under hood airflow rate and coolant path are continuously changed to run the engine at its optimal temperature. The 42- Volt electrical system provides an adequate power level, which allows the use of an electric cooling fan and electronic fluid control devices. As a result, this system can improve fuel economy and heating and cooling performance, as well as lower emissions.

* Vehicle Systems Modelling -- utilises a wide range of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools to perform component, system and vehicle analysis. This provides the capability to perform quick analysis of the performance and fuel economy of conventional, electric and hybrid vehicles under different load and drive cycles. It also provides the capability to analyse the steady state, transient and fault conditions of a variety of electrical architectures. By combining these capabilities, Visteon can optimise 42-Volt structural design.

Established in 1996, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Industry Consortium on Advanced Automotive Electrical/Electric Components and Systems, provides an effective forum for the interactive exchange of non- proprietary ideas and information relevant to future automotive electrical systems. The Consortium also sponsors research at MIT on subject matter related to electrical components and systems. Visteon has been a member of the organisation since 1999.

Visteon Corporation is a leading full-service supplier that delivers consumer-driven technology solutions to automotive manufacturers worldwide and through multiple channels within the global automotive aftermarket. Visteon has 82,000 employees and a global delivery system of more than 130 technical, manufacturing, sales, and service facilities located in 25 countries.

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