ISL Unveils Clementine Data Mining Solutions Vision

Basingstoke / Hamburg / München (ots) - Als Vertreter des Herstellers Integral Solutions Ltd. (ISL) für den deutschsprachigen Raum freuen wir uns, Ihnen das neue Release des führenden Data-Mining Tools (vgl. Gartner Group) Clementine vorzustellen.

Die aktuellen Informationen zum Release 5.0 entnehmen Sie bitte dem nachstehenden Originaltext. Besuchen Sie uns und ISL - auf der Systems"98 (Halle A4, Stand 450A), wo Sie neben einem Glas Sekt eine ausführliche Pressemappe erwartet. Für Terminabsprachen steht Ihnen unser Hamburger Büro sowie die Messe-Hotline unter (089) - 949 -52595 zur Verfügung.

ISL Unveils Clementine Data Mining Solutions Vision

Version 5.0 Delivers "Open Data Mining"
Roadmap Stresses Integration with Business Infrastructure

Data mining specialist ISL launches a comprehensive new range of data mining solutions for business, addressing openness, scalability, ease of use and deployment.

"Data mining is a business tool, and its development will be driven by business needs," said Alan Montgomery, ISL CEO. "The new range is about empowering business to make the most of its data, quickly and cost-effectively. The new products extend this quality into ever more complex projects, at ever greater speed."

"Our experience from 250 plus user organisations tells us there's an enormous and growing appetite for data mining in today's enterprises - our data mining revenues have doubled annually for the last 4 years," said Alan Montgomery, presenting ISL's roadmap for the new product range. "But very few vendors have been able to deliver a true, business-oriented data mining capability to these organisations. This is where ISL excels."

The first element of ISL's new programme is Clementine Version 5. As well as adding powerful new algorithms, V5 emphasises openness and interoperability. Key features include:

* The Clementine External Module Interface - allowing users' favorite algorithms and utilities to be added to Clementine's visual programming environment.

* Automation of data mining tasks, and embedding data mining components in broader solutions, through Batch Execution Mode.

* Tools for managing data mining projects

* Presentation of data mining results as web-enabled HTML reports.

* A link to Microsoft Excel.

* The first release of the Clementine-SPSS interface, giving access to all SPSS statistical facilities, and to complementary data mining tools such as AnswerTree.

Other new components address issues such as warehouse integration and scalability, process support, component re-use and enterprise delivery. They include:

CHESS, the Clementine High-Efficiency Scalable Server. A middleware component which translates and optimises Clementine visual programs for direct execution within a DBMS, CHESS will give potentially enormous gains in speed and scale, and leverages an organisation's data warehousing investment. CHESS is unique in scaling the complete data mining process, and is the basis of joint development collaboration with Compaq-Tandem announced in June of this year.

CRISP-DM: CRoss-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining. The CRISP-DM initiative created by ISL, NCR, Daimler-Benz and OHRA aims to standardise and publish the data mining process model. Over 100 data mining suppliers, complementary product/service vendors, consultancies and large-scale users have signed up to the CRISP Special Interest Group. Although CRISP-DM is tool-neutral, ISL will provide a process tool in Clementine.

The Clementine Solutions Exporter. A module which exports complete Clementine visual programs as stand-alone or embeddable applications for enterprise deployment and distribution. Front-end components for exported applications will include application shells and a model evaluation harness.

The Clementine Solutions Workbench. A set of packaged Clementine templates for specific application types. This will include a core set of general purpose utilities and "starter packs" for areas such as customer retention, cross-selling, fraud detection and time series.

"Our message to the market is clear," says Colin Shearer, ISL's VP Business Development. "Clementine Data Mining Solutions support all levels of data mining from desktop analyses to enterprise-wide adoption as part of the business infrastructure. Users who select Clementine gain access to the most comprehensive coverage available for successful data mining."

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