MCI WorldCom Announces Plans for National Networks in France, Germany and Great Britain/Builds on unique assets and success to bring new level of competition to 60% of European market for telecommunications

London (ots-PRNewswire) - New key European destinations for MCI WorldCom On-Net Customers.

MCI WorldCom announced today that it is more than doubling the size of its pan-European fibre optic network to provide national coverage in Great Britain, France and Germany. This 7,150 kilometer (4,290 mile) expansion of its existing 3,200 kilometer (2,000 mile) European backbone will bring the benefits of its portfolio of on-net local-to-global- to-local telecommunications services currently available in London, Paris and Frankfurt to customers throughout Britain, France and Germany. Network coverage and product availability will be rolled out through 1999.

By the end of 1999, MCI WorldCom will be able to offer a complete local, long distance and international phone service to any customer connected to the public switched network in all three countries and high-speed long distance, private line and data communications services to businesses in 45 European metropolitan areas. The international portfolio of all these services will leverage MCI WorldCom's unique end-to-end owned and managed global fiber optic network linking Europe to the Americas and Asia-Pacific region to offer world- class quality and value.

"We have proved our ability to meet customer demand for quality and value in Europe's international telecommunications market. We have also evolved our national businesses from simple resale outfits into fully licensed facilities- based operators complete with metropolitan, international, and sub-oceanic cable systems," said Liam Strong, president and chief executive officer of MCI WorldCom International. "We are now scaling up to address the local and national opportunity in what accounts for up to 60 percent of Europe's market for telecommunications services. More significantly, customers throughout Britain, France and Germany will be able to access our unique global network. Customers won't have to be in the country's financial capital to get our unique telecomms services."

MCI WorldCom will install data and voice communications facilities in 20 new cities connected by the network. These will provide customers with national and international high-speed private circuit, local-area-network interconnection, frame relay and ATM services as well as local, national and international switched voice. Separate announcements will be made regarding the future installation of metropolitan area networks in certain of these towns and cities.

As with MCI WorldCom's existing long distance network in Europe, the process of installing the long distance fibre optic network has been accelerated through the acquisition of rights of way and dark fibre from a number of utility and transport organisations as well as WorldCom's own installations. All transmission electronics and network management will be built by WorldCom to the same high quality, resilient, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy architecture common to its existing metropolitan area, international and intercontinental cable networks.

MCI WorldCom International Activities

MCI WorldCom provides local to global telecommunications services in markets outside the United States. The company operates as a facilities-based provider of voice and data communications services in 16 countries across Europe, North and South America and the Asia Pacific region and maintains correspondent relationships with all of the world's leading communication carriers. In the second quarter of 1998, WorldCom reported international annualised revenue of U.S.$1.2 billion.

Europe and Asia-Pacific -- In Europe, MCI WorldCom has fully licensed operating subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK and resale operations in Italy. In the Asia-Pacific region, MCI WorldCom is a licensed operator in Japan and Australia where it is currently building facilities and resale operations in Hong Kong and Singapore. The company already provides international value added telecommunications services in these countries and in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Americas -- MCI WorldCom operates nationwide networks in the largest telecommunications markets in North and South America and is rapidly expanding its network presence across these continents. MCI WorldCom is the second largest long distance carrier in the United States and offers local service in more than 100 cities. In Latin America, MCI WorldCom provides a range of data, Internet and voice services over state-of-the-art networks in Brazil, through its controlling interest in Embratel, and in Mexico, through its joint venture company Avantel. With Telefonica de Espana, MCI WorldCom International is pursuing a number of opportunities to expand its presence in the fast-growing Latin American telecommunications market.

MCI WorldCom, Inc.

MCI WorldCom is a global telecommunications company with revenue of more than $30 billion. MCI WorldCom is a premier provider of facilities-based and fully integrated local, long distance, international and Internet services. MCI WorldCom's global networks, including its state-of-the-art pan-European network and transoceanic cable systems, provide end-to-end high-capacity connectivity to more than 35,000 buildings worldwide. For more information on MCI WorldCom, visit the World Wide Web at or

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