CFS Advocacy Group Says Ampligen Works and is Needed Immediately!!

GREENVILLE, S.C. (ots-PRNewswire) - The CFIDS Network, Inc. today issued the following:

As a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advocacy group, the CFIDS Network, Inc., says the recent posted Business Week, September 28, 1998, online article, "Why Hemispherx Could Take Sick," is completely erroneous and misleading regarding Ampligen, as Ampligen is an especially safe drug. The statements made are contrary to the published literature. A quick review of the literature shows unequivocally the safety of Ampligen. Over the past 10 years Ampligen has not once killed a person, hospitalized anyone or caused any organ damage. This is reported scientific evidence and is contrary to the toxicity claims reported by Gary Weiss of Business Week. The statements reported could ruin many CFS sufferers' opportunity for a chance of survival, if the statements were believed as scientific truth.

Life is not easily measured until such time as you have the opportunity to compare quality of life with death itself. CFS sufferers continue to die from cancer and suicide, the leading causes of death of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The disease has gone down a rocky path, and then after some 15 years of futile research as to the cause of the illness or a cure, a drug emerges that has shown tremendous promise. Life is now meaningful, because a debilitated person who cannot climb a flight of stairs is now able to climb stairs unassisted. A person who cannot rise from a toilet before therapy, is able to stand, walk, and perform household chores. Life that was spent in bed, resting and looking at the ceiling, is now spent cherishing moments of opportunity in a lifetime ahead of fulfilling personal goals, all due to the intervention of Ampligen therapy. All of the above improvements have been repeatedly recognized and reported in the scientific journals by world class physicians and researchers using Ampligen. Beyond this, the objective scientific data has shown natural killer cells increasing 400-500% in many patients and immune abnormalities corrected. In short, the defective immune systems of many CFS patients have been repaired by Ampligen. In contrast, few if any of the treatments these patients have tried over the past 15 years have had the same effects.

In the recent nationwide cost recovery clinical treatment program of Ampligen, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it is recorded that more than 75% of the patients participating applied for continuation of Ampligen therapy past the end of the protocol (six months). With the cost of the drug and ancillary medical services at $15,000 per six months of therapy, these patients and their doctors were obviously seeing positive results. According to the recent ABC-NEWS Online article,
html) these are not rich people, but rather people who have made major sacrifices in finding the money to be on this life-saving, life-reclaiming drug.

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